Monday, October 25, 2010


Mitzy loves to run in the sand!

Now we're tired so we'll stand in the wind for awhile

A far cry from yesterday's images

The old La Luz Pottery works a few miles up a canyon behind us. I liked the pattern on the chimney

We slept fairly well but the highway noise picked up about 6 AM. We managed to get back to sleep for awhile. Aileen gave me a haircut after a late breakfast then we went to Walmart which was the only large grocery store we could find. I did an online search for a Safeway and was told the nearest was 245 miles away. It seems odd but there must be more shopping than we discovered since the population is about 38,000. We did find an excellent health food store.

After lunch we went to White Sands and am I glad I went there yesterday as today the wind is blowing and the dunes didn’t look all that great. Most of the day from the RV park and town, we couldn’t see the mountains beyond the dunes and sometimes not even the dunes. Aileen and Mitzy enjoyed their visit anyway. Mitzy loves to roar around in the sand. I guess we’ll have to try to return again when the light is good and the road is open so we can get to the main dunes.

We stopped at a pistachio farm just down the highway from here on the way home and bought a couple bags of nuts. They have a winery also and after sampling a chardonnay, I bought a bottle. While Aileen was napping before supper, I took a drive up one of the canyons behind us and was surprised how many houses were scattered over the hillsides. The higher up I drove, the more green grass and deciduous trees. There were even a couple of apple orchards. Aileen made a lentil stew for supper which was very tasty. We are having a leisurely evening and early to bed for Aileen. I downloaded today’s images and processed a few for the blog.

We’ll likely be heading down the road again tomorrow. No firm destination in mind but perhaps Deming or Lordsburg. Then we have to decide which way from there. West or Northwest is the question.

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  1. I wouldn't have thought there was anything green in that area, especially grass. I like the town of Deming. Have a good trip, whether it's Lordsburg or Deming.