Sunday, November 21, 2010


The Praying Maiden in Martinez Canyon

Ken riding up the rough and rocky road by South Butte

Lee getting a little extra air time

Blue leading the charge through the rocks

A little scorpion

Gathered around the campfire out in the desert behind our park on Friday night

The bountiful feast

The nearly full moon, a saguaro and a bit of sunset

A shot taken well after dark

Petroglyphs or pictographs

Copper in the diggings

A four headed crown cactus

I was awakened at 2:45 am Tuesday by a loud roaring engine so got up to see and it was the ambulance parked at the front of our trailer. I watched them walk big John out from next door and load him on a stretcher and take him away. I talked to Carol right after through the window and she said he was dizzy and walking into the wall. Aileen slept through the whole thing as she had ear plugs in. I told her later it sounded like inner ear infection which she agreed. Carol brought him home just after 8 am and he looked fine. It was the inner ear and the doctor gave him a shot of antibiotic and he was cured already!

Ken Mackley and I went riding with Blue on Tuesday. Dave Lampear and Lee Robb also came along. We went past the prison and took the power line road. We had lunch in Donnelly Wash after stopping at the old stage station. We went further out the power line then turned down and went to the windmill on Cochron Road. From there we went down Donnelly Wash to the river then up the rough and rocky road by South Butte. That sure gave Ken a workout with his small ATV. We had hoped to sneak by the canal work but they had us totally cut off so we had to go up Whitlow Ranch Road to the power line and all the way along it. Groan! I had started with 8 or 10 miles on my fuel and came close to running out. I put 4.117 gallons in at the station. The tank is only 4.25 gallons according to the book so I am going to have to carry spare fuel from now on.

We went to the Bobby Hitt show at the clubhouse Tuesday evening. He was good, doing mostly covers of various country singers plus a few other types of music. Well worth the six bucks. We went to the pool late and got to visit with Ken and Char. Ken claimed to be recovered from our marathon ATV ride today. Since we are usually the last ones using the pool, we are covering it even though it is somebody else’s turn. I signed us up for the duty for the next couple weeks.

Aileen did laundry Wednesday morning. I went to Country Store up at the clubhouse and actually spent money. I bought a set of Allen wrenches, an ATV tow strap, three pair of socks and a fleece jacket. Aileen went up later but I don’t think she bought anything. I also had lunch up there consisting of a polish sausage in a bun and a bowl of beans.

Aileen had a good nap after lunch while I went grocery shopping for her. I bought most things at Fry’s and a few at Safeway, both on the Hunt Highway. I got a gallon of milk for $1.59 and Coke at 4 dozen for $9. Aileen helped out with the Caliente Clowns banana split fund raiser. The Florence Jazz Band performed and sounded very good. I tipped and tailed the green beans I bought and they were tasty at supper. I also got my spare gas mounted on the ATV so no more holding my breath like the last ride.

After supper I printed a couple 4x6s of Ken on yesterday’s outing and we took them over. Stopped for a few minutes and Char showed us some of her art on her camera. We popped in on Ken and Marie for a few minutes and I lucked in to a dish of ice cream as they were just dishing it. I haven’t had ice cream since we left Errington back in August and here I’ve had it twice in one day!

There were seventeen of us ATVing Thursday. It was quite windy and lots of dust blowing on its own out there. We did my favourite area, Box Canyon then Martinez Canyon and over the ridge on the way back. I took quite a few shots of some of the rough spots. We met at Baier’s for drinks after our ride today. It was a nice way to meet people a little better.

We went to the pool with Wendy and Randy tonight as we all happened to head out the door at the same time. We had a good visit with Ken who came a few minutes later. Char had been earlier. Aileen was chatting online with daughter Bev later who said Salmon Arm was like a skating rink. I had noticed it was -3C and Bev said it had rained earlier.

Ken Mackley was over Friday morning for a little screw driver for a project and later for help unloading a fridge. I tried to find out why my Harbor Freight order was cancelled but couldn’t catch the right guy. I finally called the Apache Junction store and they had a scooter carrier so we went up there mid morning. They actually had several. List was $220, it was on sale for $170 and a guy behind me in line gave me a 20% off coupon so I paid $137! The 1 ¼ to 2 inch receiver adapter that was $41 at the auto parts store was $25. I also bought a 1 7/8 ball for $10 and an 18 inch paper cutter for $25. Keith W down the street and Sinc D across our street were there and helped me load it in the car.

I stopped at the new Ride Now ATV store on Apache Trail and bought another mirror for the right side of my quad. We got home in time for Aileen to have a good nap. I took the ATV and hauled a couple loads of scrap wood from the recycle bin out to our meeting spot for the cook out. I started working on the new scooter rack but there appears to be quite a bit of assembly required. I got our meal, clothing and camera stuff loaded on the ATV then we went out just before 4:30. Ken and Char followed on their ATV. There were at least 31 of us and we didn’t eat half the food, I’m sure. I did some pictures, some of which turned out fairly well. We were home shortly after 7. I tiddlied up seven photos and emailed them off to the group.

We shared the pool with Gene and Taunia’s daughter and family and later Taunia. We had a good visit. I got an email from John H saying Dad had another seizure so Janet suggested checking for infections and surprise, he has a bladder infection as well as a chest cold. Mom was not looking good, keeled over in her chair and incoherent. We got another email from John the next day and it turns out Mom had a pain killing patch on that the nurse had forgotten about so they finally removed it and Mom has improved from how she was.

I did remember to go up to the clubhouse Saturday morning for my Big Breakfast I had paid for the other day. I managed to get Ken a ride with Jim Baker in his Arctic Cat side by and he really enjoyed his day. We went to the petroglyphs down south which is a long trip – about 68 miles. I did get to see more of them this time since there wasn’t some jerk shooting a gun close by like last year. We ran into quite a dust storm along the way before lunch. There were 14 machines out. I spotted a nice looking crown saguaro with four tops all crowning so stopped for some shots of it. I hurried to catch up, but not far along the group were stopped looking at some old diggings. I presume the green and blue colours we saw were traces of copper.

I started assembling the scooter tote when I got home and it turned into quite a job. I borrowed a cordless drill from Ken and pretty soon he came over to help. It is going to need modification before it will do the job as the scooter is slightly too long. Some thought has to go in to solving several issues. Ken and Randy both have some ideas on it. We joined Wendy and Randy at the pool for an hour or so.

I took Mitzy to the park just after 8 when I got up this morning and again after breakfast. Aileen made us gluten free pancakes which were excellent. We bought the mix in a great health food store in Cedar City, Utah and would like to find one like it closer. Surprisingly, the pancake mix was made in Edmonton, Alberta when I checked the label. Mitzy and I walked the whole length of Mesquite Lane then out into the desert near the other dog run. We walked around our half block with Aileen later and it started to spit a little just as we returned. It has been very windy all day with dark clouds at times but so far just enough spits to show the dust on the car. Ken M came by looking for a valve cap with the notch in it to tighten the valve in his hand cart tube which was leaking.

After lunch I went up to the jam session and listened to Wendy sing three songs. Her Meadow Muffin Blues (about cow pies) went over well. The audience of about 40 was giggling and tittering. There were some fairly good performers and some not so good – all better than me though! When I came home, I got at editing yesterday’s images, emailed some to the other riders and got busy on the blog .

I went to the library after supper and while there some not so bright security person locked the door without checking to see if anyone was inside. Therefore, the building is now unlocked all night since I had to unlock it to get out. Such goings on really make you question the value of the whole security program. I guess it is a good thing they are all volunteers.

Monday, November 15, 2010


Our lunch time stop at the twin mine tunnels

I was surprised to take this shot and find there was Dennis smiling for me

Rest stop on top of the Little Spline

Part way down the Little Spline

Blue at the top end of Box Canyon

Tarantula, my camera battery is 2 inches long

Not too common as this only the second I have seen close up in three years

Eleanor's Crown Cactus, so named because my aunt Eleanor spotted this one last winter when we were out for a drive

The south end of the Ray Copper Mine is in the centre and it runs for several miles off to the left. What used to be the town of Ray is somewhere under the rubble. The town was moved and became present day Kelvin

An old adobe structure in Kelvin

We went yard saling Friday morning and I actually bought something; two wood 8x10 picture frames. I made a print in the afternoon which will fit one and I have another picture I can cut to fit. I towed Bud’s golf cart around back as the batteries were dead and he was going to install new ones. Aileen made yam fries for lunch which were really good.

Aileen was thinking her sore and infected big toe was caused by a thorn so after contacting our medical insurance people, I took her to the new hospital to get it checked over. The doctor on call is sure it is an infected toe nail and gave some suggestions for treating. The insurance emailed Aileen forms so I printed them right away. I also printed her letter to her New Zealand pen pal, Deanna. She’d received one from her recently. I also printed Janet and John’s travel dates to Las Vegas and here for future reference.
We beat Randy and Wendy to the pool Friday night. They came in the gate just as we hit the water. Randy helped me cover the pool – first time this fall but the pool is getting a little cooler. I went for a bike ride in the afternoon and wished I’d worn a vest as the wind was cool.

Saturday morning we got up and going and were able to go to both the Caliente and Florence Gardens clubhouse yard sales. We bought nothing at either but Aileen decided to return to one of the private ones we were at yesterday to see if the silverware tray she saw for 35 cents was still there. It was but now it was 25 cents so she grabbed it.

I think there were 13 of us ATVing Saturday. We were to go to the diversion dam via the steel bridge but it was gated with no trespassing signs which we decided to obey. Instead we went just up the road then cut across to Price Road. Some of us managed to get under the railway but the side by Razors had to go further to find a crossing as they are taller machines. We went from 7 mile gate to a twin tunnel mine I hadn’t been to before. We also went to what they called a watering hole built by the fish and game department. It is a large area of galvanized roofing covering a cistern which then gravity feeds a small water tank controlled by a float valve. The rain falls on the roofing then drains into the cistern underneath. It is fenced to keep cows out but most wildlife can either go under or over the fence. Apparently there are several of these around the desert.

We finally got to Box Canyon on the way home, which I’d been wanting to do since I got here. Since one of the machines was having problems, we had extra time to spend in the Box so I did some pictures including a tarantula. Blue lost his sunglasses crossing a rocky spot but we were able to go back and find them right where he thought they would be. I drove to the gas station again to fill up. I cleaned the air filter when I got home and greased the front end. I could see another fitting but now I need the flexible hose gun which I think I left in storage. The little solid tube grease gun I bought last year was all I needed for the CanAm.

I went for a bike ride before supper. We went to the pool for an hour after supper Saturday. Randy and Wendy came walking by for a visit but no one else in the pool or shower house.

We got up and going in good time Sunday morning then Aileen packed us a lunch while I got the car ready. We got cash out of the bank in Florence and I got short changed $20. I could see the tenth 20 but it got pulled back in before I could grab it. I took another withdrawal of $20 to see if the missing bill would appear but it didn’t.

We filled up with gas then headed out the Florence - Kelvin Highway. I dropped off a Chatterbox at one of our advertisers out there then we continued on. I wanted to have another try at photographing Eleanor’s Crown Cactus so we stopped when we found it. The light was still bad as it was so contrasty with the bright sun. I think a high overcast would work the best to give good light without any shadow. I climbed up a little hill to take a shot of the start of the Ray copper mine which is huge as it runs for several miles. We drove in to Riverside for a quick look, not that there was much to see; just a few houses that had seen better days although there were a couple that had been spiffed up. We turned south on #77 and had a few miles of new country until we got to Winkleman where we had joined #77 two years ago coming down from Globe. We drove in on the PZ Ranch Road for a very quiet lunch spot. It was so nice I lay back in the chair soaking up the warm sun for awhile afterward while Aileen sat in the shade working on her Sudoko.

We headed toward Tucson when we got to #79 then turned west on Tangerine at Oro Valley. There was a large shopping center there so we went to see if we could find a couple things we were looking for. No luck though. We followed Tangerine over to I-10 which we took up to #87 at Picacho then up to Coolidge. I washed the car in Coolidge while Aileen gave Mitzy a walk then I filled our two water cans at Safeway while

Aileen went in the store for some rice for a recipe. Our little drive around the block Sunday was a bit over 300 kms (187 miles). We visited Wendy and Randy again in the pool along with Gene from Washington State.

Aileen went to put a rice dish in the crock pot this morning and the package of basmati rice (from India) that she bought at Safeway yesterday was full of weevils or maggots. She was not impressed! Wendy had a bit of white rice we could borrow and continue with the recipe. Aileen managed to find the receipt for the rice so it is goes back. I went to the bank first thing this morning and told them my tale. Since they hadn’t balanced the cash machine yet, I had to wait until they did. Well, by golly, we’re $20 over so here you are sir! Next up was returning the rice to Safeway. No, I don’t wish to look in the bag – here’s your money back! I then bought some brown rice at Walmart in a clear bag so I could check for critters.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Here's my new ride - 2004 Polaris 500

A little bit of a challenge

Last rest stop of the day

This is where the camaraderie develops

A view across the desert on the way home

Bales of cotton

A nice cotton crop

Looks a little different after the cotton picker comes through

Close up of the cotton picker heads

The cotton farmer, on the right above, told us when he a just a young lad the cotton was all picked by hand and it cost about 3 cents a pound. Now they are up to a 6 row mechanical picker and the cost is still 3 cents a pound! There would be thousands of people employed if done by hand but it would, of course, be impossible to find people who would pick cotton today.

This cotton picker fills his storage chamber then pumps it into a large baler when full

I took Mitzy to the dog park a couple times then we left her at home while we went to Johnson Ranch shopping on Sunday morning. We picked up a few things at Walmart then went to Fry’s for groceries. What a zoo that place was. I thought it would be quiet on a Sunday morning but there must have been no churchgoers in that area. The store didn’t seem to be logically laid out either so we spent a lot of time going back and forth. It was after noon when we returned home.

Aileen had a nap after lunch while I went to the library then rode up through Florence Gardens on my bike. I did some checking for rentals here in Caliente on my ride and with Mitzy later this afternoon. I sat and read awhile and Randy was over to chat for a spell. Don and Lois A arrived today and are looking well. Phil P was telling me Donna had open heart surgery over the summer. Dona K was telling me Larry R had three valves done just before they were to leave to come down here. That’s two in our block. Then tonight Randy was telling me Doug J had a heart attack during the summer so that makes three on our block of Palo Verde.

Aileen went to the gym and I took Mitzy to the dog park first thing. Later, Aileen went to the Monday morning announcements. She paid for our computer club renewal. She also has joined the Caliente Clowns. I washed the park model and carport this morning. Later Phil P came by with a message from Aileen that I was to go to the front office to get Chatterboxes to deliver. I think I ended up with most of them. It seems, I heard later, Dona was to have been there to organize but she wasn’t so I just grabbed the majority of what was there since no one else seemed to be doing anything.

After lunch while Aileen napped, I delivered Chatterboxes all over Florence. I also bought a short piece of cable and a pair of clamps to make a tow strap for the ATV hitch ball. I bought both ½ and 5/8 hose fittings for the ATV wash. Not sure what size it is but when I figure it out, I’ll return the one that didn’t fit.

My CD Photographing America arrived Monday as did my RV Bookstore order. We went to the ATV club potluck at Florence Gardens in the evening. Aileen had made a vegetarian stew in the crockpot which kept overpowering us all day with its good smells. It tasted just about as good as it smelled, too. We went to the pool a little earlier and visited Randy there. Wendy was practicing guitar and came by later to visit at the pool.

I went riding with Blue S Tuesday. We went through the State Trust land behind the park over to Arizona Farms Rd then along it a mile or so. Where Blue planned to go was closed so we went further and finally found a place where someone had cut the fence near a subdivision and there were no signs telling us to stay out. We crossed the railroad then over to a fancy paved road which was to service a subdivision that didn’t get started. From the end of it we followed the railway over to Highway 79. Since there was a crew working at the big water tank in the area, the gate was unlocked so we were able to access #79 easily. We crossed over and went east for awhile then had our lunch near a corral and large dugout. While we were eating, a little twister lifted a bunch of debris past us.

We wandered over to Cottonwood Rd and went back out to #79 which we followed all the way home. We were able to mostly ride the fence line away from the pavement except where it was fenced around culverts. I didn’t take any pictures today. Blue was telling me he turned 81 in September, the day after his and Ruby’s 62nd anniversary

We went to Coolidge for groceries after breakfast Wednesday. We delivered a few more Chatterbox’s in Florence and three in Coolidge. Aileen bought a boot rack at Walmart for just inside the park model door which I assembled later.

Ken and Char M from Billings, Montana arrived today. I chatted with them when I went for a bike ride. Char had been around to say hi to Aileen already. I rode around part of Caliente and Florence Gardens til my butt got sore. I went over and put the new end on the ATV wash hose. Now I can return the other size one. Bud and Arlene arrived next door late Wednesday afternoon. They have a new Buick SUV which is pretty fancy. They are both looking pretty good.

We spent our 65 minutes in the pool again. Wendy and Randy decided to go for a walk instead but dropped by the pool to chat awhile. Mr & Mrs Wales, I think, from 316 Saguaro joined us for awhile though. The Mrs told us they honeymooned in Parksville 40 years ago and they still go there fairly often. They are from University Way, WA.

Sixteen of us went out ATVing today. We got to the square coke ovens and Lulu’s Mine but it took awhile as someone didn’t wait at a turn and the rear ten of us ended up at Ajax Mine instead of where we were supposed to be. We finally met up with the other six way back down the road. We had our lunch at the square cokes. I filled the gas right to the rim this morning and again on the return and got 19.2 mpg US. That is considerably less than my CanAm but it probably is only about $100 for the season.

Randy and Wendy came with Aileen and I tonight when we went to the River Bottom Grill for supper. The fish and salt potatoes were good again. They had some good country music playing also. We went to the pool again this evening. We haven't missed a night yet since we arrived.

Saturday, November 6, 2010


I shot this early this morning. When Mitzy and I walked past tonight, there are four big blossoms out. Shortly after the sun hits the flower, they are finished.

A different type of cactus bloom. Both types are very popular with the bees. This is also a night flowering cactus.

Note the cactus in her lower lip, nose, by the right eye and ear. This is very common. Cholla is the type of cactus involved in this case.

Since the canal was drained, the fish had nowhere to go.

Aileen and I went to Riverbottom Grill for my birthday supper Thursday and what a good choice! The neighbours had been telling us that it was a good place to eat. I had fish and salt potatoes while Aileen had a garden salad and some of my spuds. I also had a Blue Moon beer which went down nicely. The fish was excellent and the spuds delicious! We had just finished when Keith and Phyllis and Dan and Mary Jane (friends from Caliente) came in so we joined them while they ate. The owners came and chatted with us several times. Richard and Georgia called while we were visiting the other couples so I went off to a quieter corner for awhile.

I had hoped to go to Casa Grande to get a mirror for the ATV on Friday but that store has closed so the nearest was Chandler. Since we were going past San Tan, I called Richard M to see if he was home then went there for the spare key he’d found for the ATV. I bought the type of mirror that fits in the end of the handlebar which cost $15.

We went to the Gilbert Food Court for lunch and had a good one. Aileen had cucumber and tomato salad with steamed spuds and I had a green salad with a piece of stuffed pizza. We went to PetSmart for cat milk, 3 pack for $2.59 whereas we paid $1.95 each pack at PetCo the other day. Did buy cat food at PetCo though as the other store didn’t carry that brand. I also bought a five gallon gas can at Walmart.

We were going to get groceries at Fry’s but Aileen was pooped so we just came home. I did get gas at Fry’s as the ATV needed some for today. Aileen had a good nap when we got home. Dona had just left the Chatterbox for proofing so I got right at that. There were 52 pages so I was awhile at it. I took it right over when completed and went through the corrections with her. She’s hoping to start printing today. I gassed up the ATV and installed the mirror later.

Wendy and Randy arrived Friday driving 900 kms from Cedar City. They opened things up then went off for groceries. They had taken the 4 pm ferry to Port Angeles so basically, they made the trip in just over four days. He said it was 3100 kms using I-84 and I- 15. Last year they came I-5 and some other combination and it was 2700 kms.

June J, three doors down Ocotillo sent me a birthday card over so I had to dig out one of mine for her. Aileen wrote in it, I delivered it on the way to the pool. She and Hito, three doors down on Palo Verde, have the same birthday as me. We spent 50 minutes in the water Friday night.

We were up by about 6:30 today. I prepared for the ATV outing. There were a few things to gather and I decided I needed a plastic tote on the front to hold my clothes so they didn’t get dusty after I’d finished with them. Aileen and Mitzy went to Florence to see if the Farmer’s Market was on. Some crafts etc there but no fruits of veggies.

There were only six of us riding today which was just fine. Ed was leader which was also fine as he takes a slower pace with more stops. He was looking better than I expected but he did tire as the day progressed. He’d had a major bout of cancer in the Spring. We crossed the river then the metal bridge and rode along the canal up to the dam. They are working on the dam and have dammed the river just upstream with an earthen dam to facilitate the work. Ed got stuck on the sand hill blocking our departure from the river bottom so I found a way around and helped get him out.

I washed the ATV when I returned just after 2 pm and 41 miles. I had to take both my nozzle and hose as the paving crew destroyed the hose by tarring up the threads and bending it as well. I went for a shower later and used the pool and hot tub. I went for a bike ride after taking Mitzy to the dog run. Dave and Maureen were at Jerry and Donna’s in Tierra Del Sol and called me in as I was riding past so I visited them awhile.

After our 53 minutes at the pool, I took Mitzy to the dog park then thought I’d go to the library. Well when I got there shortly after nine it was locked up. I don’t recall it being locked last year and I’m sure I went there late at night several times. I was going to post a picture of the ATV but realized I hadn’t taken a picture yet. I had planned on taking some on the ride but it didn’t happen. Maybe next post.

Two more of our neighbours arrived today. Phil and Donna and Pete and Jonie pulled in early this evening. John and Carol next door arrived Thursday. The block is filling up, just a few more to go.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


Cactus flower just up the street

This is a bud which will probably open tomorrow

The bees just love this bush

Mitzy and I spent some time in the sun warming up after breakfast on Sunday. We went off to Phoenix mid morning. We had an early lunch at a Carl’s Jr then I went to the Park and Swap to check out the fantastic selection of ATVs which they claimed to carry. Liars! All they had was some import crap, mostly in little kid sizes. The biggest ATV was a 2 x 4 150 cc. I took a quick walk through the whole place. Lots of stuff!

We headed toward Queen Creek as I wanted to check out one of the ATVs I saw on Craig’s List. We phoned and got directions then headed that way. We stopped for gas, then Staples for paper, business card stock and post card blanks and finally Petco where we got the preferred cat food and cat milk.

The ATV was everything I hoped it would be. It’s a 2004 Polaris Sportsman 500 with 3750 miles and felt like new still. New battery and tires this year. I really like the yellow colour too. I took it over to some bare ground and rode it around a bit.

We visited Jim and Betty and Hito and Dona when we returned home as they had arrived in our absence. I had an email from my sister Wendy Sunday evening. They were leaving Monday morning via Victoria and Port Angeles. She said the weather was horrible with wind and rain and hoping the ferry isn’t cancelled. We went to the pool and spent 55 minutes in the water again.

I went to the Bank just after nine Monday morning and deposited some money to cover the ATV cheque. From there I went to the big Walmart at San Tan and bought a seven speed comfort bike for $99. I also got a helmet for less than $10.

Next I went to pay for the ATV. He decided to show me how the winch worked (and it didn’t!). It would power out but not in. We spent over three hours working on it, totally disassembling it in the process and we think the problem is the switch although I was leaning more to the solenoid being the problem. He was going to phone around to see if he could find one. It was 1:53 when I got in the car to leave so I went to the Jungle Buffet for a quick lunch. I was not impressed. I won’t feel like visiting there again this year, so I guess that’s good in a way.

Aileen was unable to track down her lady for a haircut although she went to her house three times. She did get her nap though. I started moving pictures over to my D drive as I couldn’t get the C drive memory enough free space any other way. I took a break and went to buddy beer. I think that is my second time in all the time we’ve been here. I did more on the computer on my return. I had tried to do a defrag last night and this morning had a message saying I only had 8% free space and required 15% for the defrag to work. It took a lot to get it over the required 15%. I will try to put my new downloads onto D drive now. We spent 40 minutes at the pool Monday night. I took Mitzy to the dog park later then we took the long way home.

Aileen tried several times again on Tuesday to catch her hair cutter at home without success. She had an hour nap in the morning and again in the afternoon. I went for a couple bike rides but am trying to not overdo it. I chatted with Hanna and Maynard on the lot next to Jacquie and Jim for awhile. They told me of an interesting book for motor home travelers. It warns you of steep grades and high passes through the western States. I ordered it later plus several others through RV Bookstore.

I had a call from Richard, the ATV guy in San Tan, about the winch. He is now thinking it is the solenoid that is the problem and ordered a new one. We spent 45 minutes at the pool again. I took Mitzy for her last visit to the dog park for the day at 8:45.

It was pretty warm so we had the fan on us all night. We went to Country Store Wednesday morning and Aileen bought the little scrubbies she’s been wanting. We then took Mitzy for her haircut. We came straight home again and went back an hour and a half later for her. Tina cut it really short this time which looks really good. Aileen was able to finally catch up to the woman in here who does hair and has an appointment for 9:30 today.

Dona K came asking for Chatterbox help, which I had offered. I went to Anna at the clubhouse for the list of buddy beer supporters and typed it up in excel for Dona. I noticed Aileen working on Christmas cards after her nap. She picked nearly the hottest day for it. I think she has them all addressed already. I probably should be working up a newsletter to go with them. I had been wondering if we were going to get any mail or whether we had to go to the PO to wake them up but yesterday there were three birthday cards in the mail box for me.

I went for a bike ride after supper when it cooled off. It was in the low 90s today. I picked up a November newsletter from Florence Gardens. I called Richard in San Tan about the quad and he had just finished replacing the solenoid and the winch was working. He is to bring it over this morning about 10. We spent 35-40 minutes at the pool again Wednesday night.

Well here I am 64 years old. Where did the time go? JR in Sorrento sent me a happy 65th card but said he didn’t know if it was this year or several years yet. There was also a card from Richard and Robin and another from Georgia. I’d picked up the mail yesterday but couldn’t figure out who the one envelope was from. I guess Robin had addressed it as it sure wasn’t Richard as I would have recognized his writing. It had me wondering.

I took Mitzy early to the dog park since she seemed to be in a hurry. I’m not sure why since I had her up there at 11 PM last night for her final time. Aileen went to the gym early as well. It is very breezy this morning but I went and took my cactus pictures anyway. The helicopter was just in and packed somebody off to the hospital. It is a pretty common occurrence to have the ambulance visiting our parks since there are so many older people here. For the more serious cases, the air ambulance is called. It is parked only a couple miles away in town. There are close to 3,000 lots in the five parks. We’re probably less than half occupied so far this year.