Thursday, October 14, 2021


I decided to take one of my big cameras up the river to see if I could capture these Kokanee that are spawning.  They change from silver to quite red during the spawning.  Even though I was using a polarizing filter to cut the glare, they were mostly too dep under the water surface to get a sharp image.

Sumac in two different lighting situations

A couple of wary ducks


Wednesday, October 13, 2021


 Since the forecast looked promising we went for another road trip on Monday.  This trip was through the mountains from Summerland to Princeton mostly following the route of the Kettle Valley Railway that ran through here many years ago.  The old railbed is a multiuse trail these days and for much of it ATVs are permitted.  As usual, I combined photography with geocaching and picked up eight caches along the way.  The total round trip was 260 kms/162 miles and took us seven hours.  Only 40 odd kms are gravel but with the washboard and mud, it was slow going.

The first hints of winter are upon us

Red-osier Dogwood

We had lunch here and sat in the sun and it was quite comfortable as there was no wind.  It was 2C/36F.

Tuesday, October 12, 2021


 A couple days ago I went for a bit of a drive not far from home and captured a bit of colour.  Tomorrow I will post another road trip that we took yesterday.

Virginia Creeper and Poison Ivy

Virginia Creeper on Ponderosa Pine tree

Clematis, poplar and maple


Leaves are pretty much off the trees here

The red in the bottom is Red-osier Dogwood

Sunday, October 10, 2021


The first few photos were taken along the trail from home up along the Okanagan River.  The Kokanee are spawning and turn red when doing so.

Sumac is red and poison ivy is orange


On our road trip last Friday I stopped at this spot for a geocache.  It was a long while before I got around to looking for the cache because I noticed this fall colour and photography trumps geocaching.  The geocache will always be there but the colour and light is fleeting and must be captured when found.

Then I found this little pond

Exploring a bit further I found this road which led me to more fall beauty

And then to the other side of the pond

Continuing our drive along BC Hwy 3, we turned up Sidley Mtn Rd and found some more colour.  In the high elevation up here, many trees were totally bare already.  I was thinking that this was probably our last chance for good colour this year.

Another geocache led us to find this old cabin on a side road off the Mt Baldy ski hill road

We took the Mt Baldy Road from Hwy 3 back to Oliver.  It is mostly gravel but in good condition and pretty quiet.