Friday, November 13, 2020



We get some snow then it melts, we get some snow then it rains.  The leaves are mostly down but still brightly coloured and look nice with touches of snow highlighting them.  We have had quite a bit of nasty wind so you really have to dress for it to go walking.  My photography is rather limited in this mostly blah weather we are having so not too many new images to share. 

The winter garden comment has piqued some people’s interest.  Aileen and Karen planted onions, leeks and beet plants earlier in the fall.  They were just little fingerlings but they have grown well so we are still eating beets even in the snow.  They also planted peas, beets, turnips and spinach from seed recently.  They will sprout as soon as the ground temperature moderates.  You can find lots of information by googling “winter gardens”.

Since I have a fair bit of spare time these days, I have been digging into my photographic archives which I have stored on external hard drives.  Since I tend to take quite a few images when shooting, there are many photos that I haven’t edited.  I’m finding that it’s fun to edit these older photographs using the newer technology and experience that I have gained over the years.  I have shared some via Facebook and am happy to see that others are enjoying them.

Our daughter came for a short visit on Wednesday and brought the two grand dogs with her.  It was so nice to have some time with her.  I was able to get one photo but couldn’t get both dogs to look out the window at the same time.

Grand dog Meiki

These are from an afternoon walk a couple days ago

Monday, November 2, 2020



Since the weather has moderated and gotten almost pleasant, we decided that yesterday was too nice to stay home.  We got an early start and took our lunch and supper with us.  Wanting to do some geocaching as well as hoping to see some larch trees with their fall coats, we headed over near Greenwood, BC and McCarren Creek Forestry Road.  The larches didn’t disappoint and we picked up twenty geocaches while we were at it.  We ran into quite a bit of muddy and sometimes icy/snowy road but after we stopped for lunch Aileen was able to walk on mostly good road.  She walked until running into snow and had to turn back.  I wasn’t able to keep up to her geocaching as several were quite elusive.  A little before three in the afternoon I called it quits on the caching and said it was time to look for some good photo opportunities, which we did find.

Things are progressing a little more on the house front.  We went and sat down with them to go over the electrical schematic the other day.  After much searching and back and forth with the store, we have purchased our appliances.  I ran into so much difficulty with items being discontinued or unavailable.  We found it was impossible to get the appliances we wanted in white so have had to switch to stainless steel which was certainly not our first choice.  They will gather them up as they become available and hold them in a warehouse in Calgary until we are ready for them.  Some of the appliances are on two month backorder.  I guess it is a combination of the Covid and so much building and renovating happening.  Our builder needed to know what appliances we were buying so they could ensure everything would fit after construction.

Karen’s on again off again handyman is back so less for us to do over at her place.  Aileen and I did go over this morning and trim the cedar hedge along the front sidewalk.  Left as it was the snow would cause the branches to droop down on passersby.  Aileen recently planted a winter garden at Karen’s also.

We winterized the motorhome for the first time since we bought it ten years ago and hope we have done it correctly.  I had thought of taking it to a local dealer but all the ones I contacted just laughed at me.  They were booked up for weeks already so some of those units may be getting some frost before getting winterized.

I went to Kelowna with Karen the other day and we went to an antique store to pick up several items she had purchased.  There was another couple in there talking to the owner at length and who I didn’t pay much attention to other than noting the guy was a bit older and the lady somewhat younger.  Later, the lady came over and asked if I was a John.  After looking at her for a bit, I asked if she was Laurie.  By gum, she was!  John and Laurie who I used to hike with years ago in Salmon Arm.  It’s been twelve or more years since I had last seen them.   Our Travelaire 5th wheel that we bought used, was Laurie’s full time home for a couple years before we got it.  It turns out they actually are living here in Penticton so maybe we’ll get together some time.

Our friend Bev, whose apartment we are staying in, has wanted to close up her storage container and get rid of the monthly expense.  Aileen and I helped her taking some to a thrift store, some to garbage and the rest into our storage container.  The plan is for Bev to putter away at sorting and disposing of the rest over at Karen’s.  We’ll take a box at a time into the house so she can work in comfort.  The plan is for her to be finished that by the time we are ready to give the storage container back.  We currently don’t know when that will be.   Our house is in the queue but no indication when actual construction will begin.

These two photos were taken alongside Hwy 3 just east of Midway, BC

The rest of the photos were taken up McCarren Creek Road

I managed to find something that wasn't larch trees

Friday, October 23, 2020


On this date last year we crossed the border on our way south to Arizona.  Today we had a reality check!


Along the Penticton Creek trail, the heavy wet snow broke lots of branches off.


The motorhome looking forlorn in its winter abode

Our view to the north this morning

North view day before yesterday

View to the west from the apartment this morning

View to the west two days ago

Saturday, October 17, 2020



Winter is fast approaching so yesterday we made the move into our friend Bev’s apartment here in Penticton.   We are just a couple corners away from Karen’s and looking out the window I can see her big trees.  I think we’ll actually be able to see the motor home from our window when we park it along her driveway.

Our motor home made no claims to be warm in the winter and since we can’t go to Arizona this year, we had to move inside.  So nice to have such great friends!  We will have to go soon and dump the tanks for the last time then figure out how to winterize the motor home.  This will be our eleventh year with the motorhome and we’ve never had to winterize it.

It was pretty amazing how much stuff we removed from the motor home that we deemed necessary to have in the apartment.  I made quite a few trips with the car and not quite done yet.  I managed to wrestle my big printer down from its home in the TV cabinet in the motorhome but I will need some help to get it out the door.  Not only is it heavy, it’s large and awkward to get through the narrow door and down the steps.  It can’t stay in the motorhome and get frozen either.

Our house plans are progressing at a snail’s pace.  The plan gets sent back to the drafts person and takes two weeks to come back.  Then all the specified changes weren’t made so back it goes again.  Grrr!  I think we are pretty close to giving the go sign if they could get the changes made.

Mule Deer Buck that visits Karen's yard

I think these are Sandhill Cranes.  Flock after flock went by one morning.

I happened to go in the house one evening when Karen and Bev were having sushi and noticed that Sydney cat had joined them.

I've been in gathering mode lately.  Walnuts on the left are from Karen's trees and the filberts are from around the neighbourhood.

Karen with our last picking of tomatoes

The begonias in Karen's hanging pots are still looking fine

We were up to Salmon Arm the other day for Aileen's dentist appointment and I wandered down to the waterfront.

Leaf drop along a path

Office building down near the waterfront

Wednesday, October 7, 2020



This has been a long dry spell for this blog.  We’re in the season that’s in between for photography so I haven’t been taking any.  The past few days the fall colour is coming on nicely.  We continue to wait on house progress which is proving to be frustrating.  The house can’t get in the que to be built until the plan has been finalized.  It is nearly two weeks since the last plan revision and we are still waiting to see the next version.

Aileen and I took the RZR for a ride in the mountains this past Monday.  We had a great ride following my nose and we managed to end up at the Keremeos viewpoint I went to in July with Al and Ernie.  I was able to follow the same route home that we did in July.

Today, our 53rd anniversary, we took the RZR and went for a ride up the old KVR Railway trail west of Summerland.  ATVs are permitted along this section.  We saw two cyclists and one other ATV so we enjoyed the solitude.  It was a gorgeous fall day!

We think we have moved most of our possessions from our Salmon Arm storage to our container here.  We may bring a few more things but nothing pressing.   The weather forecast is predicting much cooler temperatures starting this weekend.  We will soon have to think about moving in to warmer quarters.  More on that in future blogs.

Cutting corn for silage


One of Karen's orchids

Fall Crocus we drove past the other day

High country colour

One of the Twin Lakes

Looking across the lake

Our anniversary lunch today

Along the KVR railway trail

Trout Creek alongside the KVR trail