Tuesday, July 5, 2022


 I will have one more post from this area after today but it will have to wait until I have sufficient internet again.   I have no idea where we will be tonight or even tomorrow night.

Peace River brush near Dunvegan

Wild Lily

Wild Lilies

Dunvegan Bridge 1800 feet long

Beautiful mural in the day use area at The Maple Park, near the Dunvegan Bridge

Dunvegan Rectory building

Dunvegan Church


A field of hemp

Approaching storm

Approaching storm

Getting closer

Monday, July 4, 2022


We've been in Donnelly, Alberta for about a week and a half and have done quite a bit of touring around both main roads and back roads.  We've done some geocaching and photography, specially of old historic farm buildings.  We were able to visit with my cousin Judith in the evenings when she was finished her work day and enjoyed our time with her.  

Tomorrow we will begin heading to Fort McMurray to visit our daughter.  I will have to peruse the maps today to select some possible overnight stops for us.  I will have to figure out a route first as we don't want to get too close to Edmonton and the busier traffic.  We've been enjoying the sparse traffic on the roads up here.

This huge sprayer took up a lot of the highway

Slowly sinking into oblivion


Out in the middle of the field

Lots of beef in this area

Shoulder deep in the swamp grass and hoovering it down

This looks to be a cross between a Whitetail and Mule Deer.  The left antler is classic Whitetail while the right is classic Mule Deer.

Once somebody's castle

Nice collection of buildings

Holding up well

Grain crop


Left in place while they farm around it


Different construction

Saturday, July 2, 2022


We have been at my cousin Judith's in Donnelly, Alberta for over a week.  We've been out geocaching and exploring some backroads, taking a few photos along the way.  We've had some nice days and some not so nice.

While we were still at Jasper, one day we drove down to Sunwapta Falls and walked down to the Lower Falls.  The Upper Falls were very crowded but far fewer people ventured down to the Lower Falls which we had hoped to be the case.  We took our lunch and ate down at the end of the trail and I think there were about 6 people that walked by as we were eating.  Perfect!  The photos will all be of the four lower falls unless stated otherwise.

Beyond the lowest of the falls

Upper Falls area

Honeymoon Lake

Athabasca River along the Icefields Highway

A hidden little pond on Snaring Road, barely noticeable when driving by but pretty when you crawl through the brush and down a bit

Across the Athabasca River from Snaring Road

Across the Athabasca River from Snaring Road

I hid the highway in this photo by going down a bank until it disappeared.  The highway is this side of that fringe of trees.

Heading east out of Jasper National Park

Friday, July 1, 2022


Five kms up a gravel road beyond the Snaring River Campground is the old Moberly Homestead.  This was part of a Metis settlement established in the 1880's.  There isn't much left of most of it but the parks people have put some interpretive signs along the path to describe what life was like back in those days.

The old cabin in the background and the new in front.  The new cabin was constructed in about 1903 to house Mr. Moberly, his wife and his ten children.

Peeking through the cracks into the new house.  There was a sleeping loft above.

Nicely constructed corners

The old cabin

Panoramic view of the interior of the old cabin makes it look much larger than it actually was

Panoramic view of the interior of the old cabin makes it look much larger than it actually was

Down at the river landing

Common Flax

Blue-eyed Grass

Down at the river landing

Down at the river landing

Down at the river landing

Down at the river landing

A little beyond the Moberly Homestead