Saturday, August 27, 2016


Guess what?  We had another busy week.  Monday was grocery shopping, stacking wood and a visit with my sister Susan (and John).  On Tuesday we drove down to Victoria.  That was a thirteen hour day.  We visited Aileen's 92 year old cousin Pat (and Irene) for lunch, that we took with us.  We had supper with Richard, Robin and Georgia and had visited Robin's sister and brother in law in the afternoon.
On Wednesday morning, Aileen made pickled beets.  We took friend Bev D to Eat Free Guilt Free, a gluten free restaurant in Nanaimo, for her birthday lunch.  In the evening, Aileen diced onions while I helped grate zucchini that then sat overnight in preparation for a relish making morning that Aileen and Sheila had Thursday.  They canned 27 jars of relish.  While the ladies were canning, I went and finished stacking the wood that I had split over the last while.  I think there is about two year's worth of wood stacked out along the fence in addition to the one year's supply already in the woodshed.  Thursday afternoon we had a visit from another full timing couple that contacted us through RVillage, a site that connects RVers on the road.  I had joined this group some time ago but this was only the second time I had mentioned where we were.  On Thursday evening, we picked up Bev D and went to French Creek Marina where the sunset shots were taken.
Friday was a little quieter.  I helped Sheila with some heavy lifting over at the shop   Aileen made a gluten free, dairy free dessert for a party we are attending tomorrow.  In the evening, we picked up Bev D  and dropped by the Friday night market then went to Qualicum Beach to watch the sun go down.  The colours weren't as interesting as the night before.
Aileen is off this morning taking Bev D to get heavier groceries since she doesn't have a car and we will be mostly absent for the next two or more weeks.  We are heading down to Duncan Monday with the motor home and from there will go up Island again to either Campbell River or straight to Seal Bay where we will be attending the Escapees fall rally September 6-10.  We hope to spend a few days with Aileen's sister Anne (and John) after that.  Fairly soon after that it will be time for us to head for the Shuswap, beginning our preparations for heading south for the winter.  Where has the summer gone???

It was a busy day on the water Tuesday at Cattle Point near Victoria

The mostly non motorized craft were also out in force

Sunset at the mouth of French Creek near Parksville
As evening fell, the muted colours began arriving

Late arrival

These shots are all hand held

1/40 sec f8 using 10,000 ISO 50mm Canon 6D.  This is a great camera for low light focus

Hand held 1/15 sec 12,800 ISO 40 mm

Sunday, August 21, 2016


We've had a busy week!   On Monday, we went to Courtenay as Mitzy had a vet appointment then when we got home, Aileen gave her a bath.  After supper, we picked up friend Bev D and took a drive up to Union Bay then did some grocery shopping back in Parksville.
On Tuesday, we met my cousin Judith down in Duncan and took a ferry over to Saltspring Island for the afternoon.  We had a great time driving around the Island exploring side roads and grabbing a few geocaches. When we got back to Duncan, we dropped in on our cousin Neil and Carol's for a visit.  Leaving there, we went to the Old Fork Restaurant and had a very nice late supper.  The cook was celiac so Aileen was able to have a safe gluten free meal.
On Wednesday, we had to dump the tanks and take on fresh water.  As soon as that was done, we drove to Nanaimo to attend the Escapees Chapter monthly luncheon.  By the time we got home and Aileen had her nap, Richard and Georgia arrived for their planned visit.  I sold my CAN-AM ATV to nephew Logan that evening.
On Thursday, Aileen went to Bev D's mother's 92nd birthday party while Richard, Georgia and I went geocaching.  The three of us went for Chinese food for lunch.  I grilled some sockeye salmon for supper for a bunch of us here at Charlie and Sheila's.
On Friday, Richard took Aileen and Georgia to the Tiger Lily Petting Farm, not far from here.  I puttered around doing various things then did a few things in town.  After lunch, Richard and I drove up the Inland Highway about twenty minutes and walked up Nile Creek.  I have been wanting to check this out for a few years but just never made it.  There are a series of pretty waterfalls about two kilometers from the parking spot and we also grabbed eight geocaches along the way.  We picked likely the hottest day of the year to do our hike!
Yesterday, Saturday, I once again made pancakes as that is Georgia's favoured breakfast when she visits.  I made pancakes every morning they were here.  Richard had gone golfing a couple of the mornings so missed out on the pancakes those days. We went to the Errington Farmer's Market after breakfast.     My sister Susan had called and offered us some fresh green beans, so after lunch Richard and I went for them and had a nice visit.  After supper we went to the ocean where Aileen and Richard enjoyed a swim.  Georgia, Mitzy and I enjoyed our time on the beach staying dry.
Richard and Georgia went home this morning so we are having a quiet morning by ourselves, reflecting on our busy week.  Some clouds have moved in this morning which are the first we have seen for some time.  There is the possibility of some showers but then back to clear and warm.  The forest is mostly closed to ATVing now because of the excessively dry conditions.
This week looks to be fairly busy too as we are off to Victoria for a long day on Tuesday.  Wednesday, Aileen has a birthday lunch to attend then in the evening will shred zuchinni in preparation to making relish on Thursday.  And so it goes...

Old barn awaiting restoration in Burgoyne Bay Park, Saltspring Island

Inside a building in Burgoyne Bay Park, Saltspring Island

Next to the ferry dock at Vesuvius, Saltspring Island, BC

Looking north from the dock

From the wharf at Vesuvius

A little bit like Santorini, Greece but its in Vesuvius, Saltspring Island, BC

Taken from the ferry when leaving Vesuvius

All the next shots are of the Nile Creek waterfalls.

Triple falls on Nile Creek

The sun's rays in a pool, Nile Creek

After stepping back and losing my balance, getting a few new scrapes on my body, I crawled back into position and took this shot.  It was difficult getting the tripod set up on the rough, steep slope then looking through the viewfinder while holding a branch out of the way.

Taken from lower down, but still on the steep side slope.  Richard was off to the right holding several branches out of the way.

Being it was about the hottest day of the year, Richard and I went for a swim.  It was quite cool!  This was a tough shot, shooting into the sun, but there was no other option.

Richard and Aileen in the water at Craig Bay, near Parksville, BC

Sunday, August 14, 2016


Out in the back field looking for meteors the other night

Six of us in three machines went exploring a new set of trails today.  This was the end of the road, about 3600 feet elevation gain.

The skull at Skull Falls

Skull Falls

At Skull Falls

Nice light at Skull Falls

Peeling bark on an Arbutus tree

An Arbutus tree along the ocean

Sunset Kayakers

Longhorn Beetle on Charlie's ATV

Brother in law John R on the left, his daughter in the back and son in law driving

Wednesday, August 10, 2016


We moved back to Charlie and Sheila's August 2.  I put in four sessions on the hydraulic wood splitter then we hauled six big loads to the woodshed and filled it.  Aileen worked with me on the first four loads then Sheila took her place for the last two.  I have another session on the splitter to finish up the blocks on the ground then there is a huge pile to be stacked for next year's use.
There was a big party here on Sunday when seven or eight of Sheila's cousins and spouses came for a visit.
Aileen was happy to get to the shop to get her hair cut just after we returned here.  Today she is cutting Mitzy's hair and hopefully, mine tomorrow.  I took the new RZR for its first service yesterday in Duncan.  I visited my Cousin Dale for a few minutes then Susan, the lady who I took over as treasurer from to pick up the last bank statement.  After going for Chinese smorg for lunch, I went geocaching.  I found a nice little creek I knew nothing about and enjoyed wandering along it taking photos and exploring.  I did manage to get six caches as well.

These first three were taken with my Canon 6D handeld although I did rest the camera on rocks for the two water shots.

The deer were in a side yard in Crofton as I was driving through.  Taken with my Canon SX50

Taken with my SX50 handheld.