Tuesday, September 27, 2016


We traveled through Manning Park on our way up to Penticton on Thursday and I would loved to have stopped for photos but the motor home is too big for most of the tiny pullouts and the pullouts aren't usually close to the best photo ops either.  Nothing to do but take a day trip back there.  Friday didn't work as it rained most of the day.  Saturday's forecast didn't look too bad so away I went.  I got some nice light early but it soon petered out and left me with blah.  Oh well, blah worked very well for the coyote.
We had a great time visiting with Bev and Karen in Penticton.  We had them to supper in the motor home one night and we all went to Theo's, a great Greek restaurant on Sunday evening.  Aileen went with the girls to a live theatre comedy Sunday afternoon which she enjoyed.
We arrived arrived back in the Shuswap yesterday afternoon and our daughter Bev found us a great spot to park at her sister in law's.  It is a rural 20+ acre property with a 1/2 km long driveway and very peaceful.  We are directly across the valley from Jim and Jacquie, about one km distant.  We are close to the railway but it is in a deep cut and a little ways over so we hardly hear the trains going by.  Her sister in law isn't here this week and we were told to make use of the house for showers and laundry.  Doesn't get much better than that!
We checked off our first appointment this morning and have another tomorrow.  Supper with Bev and Kev tonight.  Aileen is hoping to get together with some friends over the next few days.  If anyone here would like to see us, please give us a call.  Our tentative plan is to leave next Monday and head east for a little while before turning south to the US.

As I was approaching Manning Park from the east, I started to find some colour

The sun was starting to burn the frost and mist off the trees

The rain the day before gave us a dusting of snow on the higher mountains

The Vine Maples were looking very nice in their fall clothes

Vine Maple in the foreground and a regular Maple in the background

East of the park the Aspens were starting to put on their show

I decided to take a different route home and got lucky with this coyote

While Aileen was having her after lunch nap yesterday, on our drive up from Penticton, I walked up on the ridge above where we pulled over and had some nice views across the grassland to Kalamalka Lake.  This is a Showy Milkweed.

Also on the ridge was this Dalmatian Toadflax

A view down to Kalamalka Lake 

Wednesday, September 21, 2016


Yes, our time on Vancouver Island has come to an end for another year.  The past few weeks have been very busy with lots of fun filled happenings.  We did have one traumatic and sad event when Mitzy was viciously attacked  by my nephews dog on Saturday.  He had been around her many times in the past couple of years but that day, he just dove at her from about ten feet away and before I could do anything, he had her head in his mouth and was chomping down.  We took her to the local vet who had just closed but a tech still there checked her over and referred us to a vet in Nanaimo that was open late.  They didn't stitch up the bite mark on top of her head and she has medicine and eye drops for her left eye.  We don't know if she will regain the sight in that eye.  Very discouraging!
We were up early this morning and on the road to the ferry where we had a long wait for the next boat.  We would rather get there with lots of time to spare so as to not have to wait for the next sailing.  We did have a sunny day for travelling which was great.  We had planned on going to forestry campsite on the other side of the Coast Range on Highway 3 but we were pooped out and stopped at a commercial campsite early instead.  It could have been nearly dark arriving at the forestry site and that is something we try to avoid.  We will just drive by it tomorrow on our way to Penticton.  The plan is to spend the weekend there then head up to Salmon Arm next Monday.  Bev had a new parking spot for us at her sister in law's that promises to be fairly quiet.  We will likely stay in the Shuswap for a week then depending what the weather forecast looks like, we will decide whether we go through the Rockies into Alberta.

I went for a last ATV ride on the Island on Sunday.  It was a gorgeous sunny morning when we left home, but it didn't last long.

We only suffered from a couple of these storm cells, most went around us.

We were surprised to see several Dogwood trees blooming.  They normally bloom in April and May in this area.  It was neat seeing the fall coloured leaves with the blooms! 

A peek a boo shot of a little lake we rode past up in the hills

We had to get home in good time on Sunday as we had a family supper to attend.  That's me on the left with my seven siblings.  I'm the oldest and the other were born over a fifteen year span.

And these are our spouses

On Monday, we went to Duncan and met with Richard and Georgia for the afternoon.  We started off with a treat at DQ then drove to Saltair for a walk in Stocking Creek Park.  This Douglas Fir tree is being embraced by a Western Red Cedar tree.

This long legged spider was perched on a maple leaf

Georgia and Aileen on one of the stairs

And going up another one

Some of the Broadleaf Maples were changing to their fall colours

Aileen, Georgia, Mitzy and Richard

Tuesday evening we went out to supper with friend Bev D and her sister Dorothy.  Afterward, we caught our last Vancouver Island sunset for this year

Tonight after a rest, I went for a stroll along the road in front of the RV park we are in and got to see some interesting and dramatic skies.  I was carrying my small camera so the images are grainier than if I had my main camera. 

Saturday, September 17, 2016


Well that was a fast and furious week!  We camped with Aileen's sister Anne and her husband John at Miracle Beach Provincial Park from last Saturday until this Friday.  Five of the six days saw John and I out geocaching.  The other day, Sunday, was our drive down to Victoria to attend Aileen's and Anne's Cousin Pat's wife Irene's 90th birthday celebration.  We also went to a care home and visited a friend from Cluxewe who has recently relocated there from intensive care at the Victoria Hospital.  He'd had a stroke in his trailer at Cluxewe and nearly died.  He hasn't recovered enough that he can return home yet and he may not.
John and I visited close to 200 caches over the six days.  I logged 172 caches and John 160.  The different numbers reflect the fact that I had already done some that John didn't have and John had done  some that I hadn't found.  John borrowed a mountain bike from his daughter and I had mine so we did quite a few on bikes.  Most of the rest we walked to . I think we burned a lot of calories during the week. Aileen and Anne enjoyed having some quiet visiting time and did a little shopping and wandering as well.
We are getting down to the end of our Vancouver Island visit.  We are having a supper tomorrow night with, hopefully, all seven of my siblings and their spouses.  On Monday, we are getting together with Richard and Georgia one last time.  We are planning to catch the ferry Wednesday morning then drive to Penticton, arriving Friday.  Likely we will head for Salmon Arm on the following Monday to spend a few days.  Everything else after that is weather dependent.  I hope to head through the Rockies and into Southern Alberta before crossing the border in the second week of October.  We are going to visit our Grand Junction, Colorado friends again on our way south to Arizona.
I didn't take any photos worth looking at the whole week (I was on holiday from my camera) so I dug into my archives for a few for today.  These were all taken on slide film then scanned.

Chase Falls, Chase, BC

A parrot in a long closed facility in Victoria, BC

North of Revelstoke, BC back in the 90's, I think.  We backpacked in to this area then camped a couple of nights.

Out in the Douglas Lake Ranch area of south central BC

This is blacklight photography taken one night at camera club back in the 90's.  Blacklight shining on coloured strips of paper shot through a glass dish.

Sunday, September 11, 2016


We had a fun week visiting our friends at the Escapees Chapter rally at Seal Bay RV Park near Comox, BC.   I think we had sixteen rigs attending and twelve of them were in the main circle while the other four were adjoining them so great for visiting.  The fire pit and nice lawn were in the center of the circle so very handy for most people.  We had meals together one way or another most evenings.  Some sat around the fire in the evenings and a few of us played cards every night.
We moved to Miracle Beach Provincial Park yesterday and will stay here until next Friday when we will move back to Errington.  Aileen's sister Anne, and John, are parked across from us. Today, the four of us are off to Victoria to attend a tea in honour of Aileen's Cousin Pat's wife Irene's 90th birthday.  We hope to also visit our old friend from the Cluxewe campsite who is now residing in a care facility in Victoria.
John and I went geocaching yesterday afternoon and will likely get out several more times this week.

As is usual at our rallies, we had a couple of meals out

Some of us visited Shelter Point Distillery

The sampling table

Their neat old truck at the entry gate

This is the old mining museum in Cumberland.  Some of us took a walking tour around Cumberland checking out the many interesting small businesses and historic buildings

One of the side streets

I led a group to view Elk Falls from the new viewing platform and the suspension bridge

From the viewing platform

That's Aileen in red

From the suspension bridge.  It was difficult getting a time when someone wasn't making the bridge jiggle.

On our way to the old viewpoint

From the old viewpoint looking across to the suspension bridge in the top and the new viewing platform top right

Yours truly, the tree hugger

We had a little dance the first night

Lots of social time around the fire every afternoon and evening