Saturday, February 1, 2020


We are enjoying our quiet time on the desert.  A few days ago about three dozen RVs pulled in across the highway from us but for the most part they have been quiet.  The only exceptions were when the thirty some machines left in the morning and when they returned.   They usually went in four groups.  Several riders drove up or trailered in from elsewhere each day.  This morning someone must have had a serious medical issue as two ambulances were there and the group was pretty subdued.  Only about eighteen went riding and this afternoon many of the RVs have gone.
We've had some nice ATV rides with just us and several road trips in the car.  The furthest we went was down to Yuma one day.  We've been picking up a few geocaches as we travel around and I am really enjoying having the smart phone so I don't have to rely on loading the GPS for everywhere we go.  It is also so nice to log my finds as I find them rather than sitting at the computer doing it later.
Our ATV friends Jerry and Donna texted a couple days ago saying they were coming to join us for a few days.  They have a class C motor home.

The Four Peaks are directly behind where we are parked

Taken on a late afternoon ATV /ride

The mostly abandoned town of Vidal, CA.  We were doing a few geocaches over in this area then drove home via Blythe, CA and Quartzsite.

Sand Verbena

The Four Peaks from the south

Close to the Four Peaks in the morning light

We've been getting some sunsets but not the past few nights

One of the trails we were on yesterday east of Bouse

This is near Wenden, AZ and there are huge alfalfa fields in this area.  I was amazed at this hay yard.  There are about 9 rows with about 4 stacks in each so that is about 36.  The stack I counted had 8 wide by 22 long big square bales and they were 5 tiers high with a smaller top tier.  So 8x22= 176 x 5= 880 x 36 (9x4) = 21,680 bales not counting the top tiers.  That is a lot of hay to sell.  I noticed they had large full length scales for weighing the loads as they left.

This was a palm forest way across the alfalfa field.  No idea if it was just for looks or there was a practical reason for it.