Saturday, May 25, 2019


Life continues keeping us busy.  We spent Thursday up in the Comox area checking out things for our upcoming RV rally.   We were to be in a long range hot spell but after a couple days we got some good rain and much cooler temperatures.  Tomorrow is supposed to get us back to warmer weather for a few days but not as extreme as the earlier forecast.
There is a baby shower type event here tomorrow (called a Sip & See) for Charlie & Sheila's latest grandchild.  I imagine there will be lots of people wandering through.  Some we will even know so we will get to visit.
Aileen and I and brother in law John R took our RZRs out to go geocaching yesterday.  After two caches, we came across trees down across the road effectively closing the road.  The area had a major windstorm a few months ago resulting in severe damage to some areas of the forest.  Equivalent to a micro burst, I think.
John's brother Alfred had joined us so he and John knew of some areas we could go check out.  We had a nice outing anyway salvaging our disappointment.  

Siberian Miner's Lettuce

Fairy Slipper

Upset at being disturbed


Red Columbine

Spotted on our walk the other evening

Violet-Green Swallow shot through the window from my computer station in the motor home passenger seat.

White-Crowned Sparrow

Garden Poppy


Spotted Towhee

Open wide, in full voice

Upstream and down at Nymph Falls on the Puntledge River near Courtenay, BC

Fox Sparrow

Moss with the evening sun shining through

Rosewell Creek.  This was taken at 1/10 of a second without using a tripod.  I sat on a rock and rested the Canon SX60 on my knee.  

Little Qualicum River where we were exploring yesterday

Tundra Swan that has taken up residence at my sister's pond

My sister Sue and John have a great rhododendron garden this year.

Sunday, May 19, 2019


Here are some more images from our past few days.  After finally getting caught up editing photos today, I switched gears and worked on my financial report for the RV club as I will have to give it at our AGM held during our rally in June.  I phoned and reserved our spot for the rally so another item off the list.  I will need to get up to the rally area and do some planning for activities for the members since that is my job this time.
We stopped and visited Janet and John last night to see what they though of the John Denver show.  I think they were as enthusiastic as we were! 

This bald eagle was down below us when we were on the top bridge at Englishman River Falls

The upper falls from the bridge

This trillium is fading fast

Victoria, BC reflections

The Empress Hotel Victoria, BC

Provincial Legislature in Victoria, BC

This is what is on top in the previous photo

Inner Harbour Victoria, BC

Pansies on the promenade

Victoria, BC

An oil slick on a puddle in a parking lot

Arriving in Victoria, BC from Vancouver

Float homes in front of some condos

Peacock in Beacon Hill Park, Victoria, BC

Detail on his back


Victoria, BC Chinatown

Looking through the gate out of Chinatown

Dragon Alley

Older part of  Victoria, BC

This camper was overnighting down near the waterfront.  He was on a two year trip from Argentina to Canada, bet he has some stories.

The Empress from the waterfront

The Empress from in front of the Provincial Legislature

Provincial Legislature

Provincial Legislature detail in end section

This historic building was stripped back to just the exterior walls.  I wondered if they were going to rebuild using the old walls or if it just hadn't been totally demolished yet.

Another old part of Victoria
Richard and Georgia took us to Uplands Park before Aileen's eye appointment on Friday.  The Camas was still looking well.

Camas and Oak trees