Monday, January 31, 2022


 We've had day after day of dull gloomy weather down here in the valley with day and night temperature not varying more than one or two degrees.  This morning we saw our first blue sky in a while but that got snatched away quickly with a sudden heavy snowfall.  We got over an inch in a short time then it ended.  There was no snowfall forecast for today, surprise!

Just down the street as I started my walk the other day I noticed something out of place on the horizon.  This shot is zoomed in a bit from what I actually saw but it's close.  Can you see what I saw? 

Does this help?  Actually there is a second one just to the right in the first photo.

Rose hips hanging over the river bank.

Can you see the colour in the ice?

Close up of the previous photo

Close up of the previous photo

Close up of the previous photo

Thursday, January 27, 2022


 Here are a few more images from our Monday drive up the Mt Baldy Road and back on Highway 3 over Anarchist Mountain.

The moss called Old Man's Beard covered in hoar frost and backlit by the sun was stunning 

This old ranch house is visible from Hwy 3 between Rock Creek and Osoyoos

Tuesday, January 25, 2022


 We loaded camera gear and lunch in the car Monday and headed for higher ground to see if we could find some sunshine.  And we sure did!

Looking back down into the valley, The valley bottom and our house is down underneath there somewhere.

Closer shot

Snowmobiles were having fun along the powerline.

The sun kissing the tops of the snow

See any body parts in there?

More body parts in the snow

Hoar frost in the pines 

In a driveway along the highway