Monday, February 25, 2019


Not to be left out, we have had a series of record breaking storms here in Arizona.  The last one dumped 2.07 inches of rain on us.  Places like Flagstaff up in the high country broke all time daily records for snowfall.  I think Flagstaff got 38.2 inches in one day.  We took a drive up to the nearest snow area yesterday afternoon just for a peek.  A gazillion other people had the same idea and it was very busy!
After having cool temperatures ever since we returned from Quartzsite, we are looking forward to some warmer temperatures that are forecast.  I hope it gets warm enough to get the wildflower bloom going full out so we get to see some of it before we leave.  I will lead my first club ride this morning and we have a busy week planned with getting the car serviced tomorrow then a club cookout in the desert behind the park tomorrow evening.  Aileen and I and another couple plan to ride Wednesday then we have friends Geoff and Dodie coming to visit on Thursday.  I will lead another ride on Friday.
I don't imagine it will slow down now for the rest of our time here.  Card games, potlucks, outings and more rides are all on the agenda.  Several places have sold in the park this year and some of them have sold fast.  Our neighbour put up a sign one day and about ten minutes later it was sold.  Another took three days.   Rentals are getting snapped up as soon as they come along.  If you don't have a rental booked a year in advance, it is very difficult to find a decent one.

Filaree makes a pink carpet in the desert

We lucked out and got to see two lambs

Two lambs, two mothers

Desert Bighorn ram

We flirted with the storm but fortunately it held off

Not sure what this pretty flower is

Mexican poppy

Red-tailed Hawk

Price Rd was well flooded after the rain

This is one of our usual crossings of the Gila River.  Probably over six feet deep and very strong current now.

Mexican poppies just opening

After a storm, shot from the highway

Our car windshield from inside the car

Car windshield from outside in front

Car roof

A Hibiscus looking bush in the park next door

Sunset out behind the park

Interesting rock formations on Hwy 60 east of Superior, AZ

We went for a look at the snow east of Superior yesterday

With all the rain and now melting snow, there were some rare waterfalls along Hwy 60 east of Superior

Thursday, February 14, 2019


We  had a great time hiding away in the desert near Bouse about 20 miles northeast of Quartzsite, AZ.  We did lots of walking from our parking spot as we could go in any direction.  Aileen walked in the morning while I usually lazed in bed.  If it looked like sunrise might be worthwhile, I would get up and out with my camera.   Our nearest neighbour was about 1/4 mile away and although we were fairly close to the road, there was virtually no traffic at night.  We took several ATV rides by ourselves and seldom met others.  We really enjoyed being able to poke about and stop and explore or just sit and watch things.  The wildflowers were slowly beginning to come out and we got to see several new to us.  There wasn't a lot of wildlife but we did get to hear the coyotes at night several times and seeing the two Chuckwallas on our last ride was icing on the cake.  We sat in the RZR and watched them from about twelve feet away.
I got out geocaching with my Uncle Jim twice and Aileen and I did several times on our own. 
We did make several trips to both Quartzsite and Parker and once over to Blythe, CA for a change of scenery.  I got lots of reading in too which it seems I'm too busy to do while we are in Florence.  It is quite a change to have so much free time when there is no internet!
After our nearly four weeks of peace and quiet, we spent Monday night at the truck stop in Gila Bend.  It was a zoo there with trucks parked everywhere and as the RV park was full, there were lots of RVs scattered around the truck stop too.  I told Aileen that all the noise and confusion was good as that would make Caliente seem fairly quiet.
My back has been bothering me so I visited the local chiropractor yesterday.  I didn't go riding today as rain was forecast and as I write this, it has begun.   Up to an inch forecast for today and tonight then showers for the next few days.  The temperatures are still staying fairly cool which is keeping the flowers from coming on.  We had several frosty mornings on our holiday but we didn't get the rain that Caliente got.
I think we're already down to less than five weeks before it is time to head north for the border.  I expect those few weeks will be very busy for us. If the weather warms up I will be out searching for wildflowers.  We went to a neighbourhood gathering yesterday.  Pete and Joni put on a shrimp fry for friends and wow, was the shrimp good.  It was nice to touch base with friends and meet some new people.  I imagine there will be more such get togethers the next while as people gear up to depart.
We are getting together with three other couples this afternoon at Mt Athos, the Greek restaurant in Florence, for a Valentines meal.  We may be taking a short road trip in the car in a week or so too.

Desert Dandelion

Desert Chicory

Desert Stars

Aileen on one of our evening walks

Desert Sand Verbena and Dune Primrose

Dune Primrose also called Birdcage Primrose

Desert Sand Verbena


Dried mud


Black-Chinned Hummingbird, I think

Same hummer but not his best side

Male Housefinch

Northern Mockingbird in Ocotillo blooms

Painted Lady butterfly

Sunrise in front of the motor home

Loggerhead Shrike

Yes, I know this is Arizona but it was darn cold while we were out geocaching one day.  Aileen is trying to keep out of the wind while having her lunch.

Lizard photos next


Chuckwallas grow to about fourteen inches in length.  The tail stores fat.  All that sagging skin has a purpose.  They can crawl in to a small crevice in the rocks and inflate themselves making it difficult for predators to pull them out.