Tuesday, November 28, 2017


We were up at 6 am this morning and left at 7:25 to drop John and Sue at the Phoenix Sky Harbor Airport.  We managed to get by several fender benders on Hwy 60 so hopefully they made it on time.  Scroll down the page to see another post from today with more photos etc.

Some fall colour on the way up Mt Lemmon

Looking way down on our road up Mt Lemmon

A very well camouflaged little toad near the bottom of Mt Lemmon

Bougainvillea flowers

The 85th Florence Jr Parada which consists of riders 18 and under had a neat parade up Main Street

Note the fancy decoration just on the left edge of this photo

Here's a closeup

We enjoyed the little girl's expression

And a younger girl

Loved the flowers

Riding in style

A visiting queen

These dancers put on a good show

What's a parade without clowns

Or Shriners

Later in the day we spotted a Road Runner

A couple of scenic shots from yesterday's ATV ride

This is Superstition Mtn and Weaver's Needle


Having John and Sue here got us out of our rut a little and we did get out and see some different scenery.

Lichen on the rocks at Poston Butte out behind our park.  John, Sue and I walked from the park to the Butte.

November 19, a really out of sync Saguaro bloom.  Normal bloom time is March to June.  This particular Saguaro was still blooming a week later.   We haven't run across any others in bloom during our travels.  This was near Box Canyon.  

Looking over the bank from the blooming cactus

We drove the car out to the bottom of Box Canyon then walked partway up the canyon.  We were lucky and saw eight Desert Bighorn Sheep.  Aileen had Mitzy on her leash and the sheep didn't pay any attention to us.  However, a cow came wandering along and the sheep went running further up the hill then really kept an eye on the cow.

It was nearing dark when we headed home from Box Canyon so we stopped to admire the moon and sunset behind the Saguaro

Taken from the seat of our RZR.  I doubt I was more than 30 feet away, he didn't fly even when I drove past but he did when the group started past.

While waiting to depart on our boat ride on Canyon Lake I spied these reflections of the boat houses.

I also saw this kitten

Gorgeous day and scenery on Canyon Lake

I took this Curved Bill Thrasher portrait from our table while we were waiting for our lunch after the boat ride 

A couple of later afternoon views of Canyon Lake as we were heading homeward

Found this old ram right beside the road on the way back from Canyon Lake

Along the Apache Trail on the return from Canyon Lake

The north side of Superstition Mtn near Apache Junction and Goldfield

Sunday, November 19, 2017


We've been thinking of visiting the arboretum for nine years and with my sister Sue and husband John visiting, it finally was made into reality.  What a neat place for photography and just wandering along looking at all the plants that came from other parts of the world with similar climates to here.  We spent about two hours wandering and could have spent much more time.  Since we wanted to be around to help friends unload, we didn't take a lunch with us.  When we got back to our park, our friends had just arrived so the four of us helped them unload.  I think Ken and Marie were happy to have the help. 
I took John riding with me on Thursday and we were the leader so a mostly dust free ride for us.  It was quite warm so I found us some shade for lunch then headed homeward shortly after. 
Yesterday, I took Sue and John to the Mesa Market.  It took us two hours to get through two thirds of the complex then our stomach alarms went off and we left in search of a restaurant.  We found it in the form of a Chinese buffet that was fairly good. 

The overcast day made for nice lighting

There were a few flowers and some bees to enjoy them

This Northern Cardinal sat still long enough for one shot

This Northern Mockingbird was a little more patient with me

Boyce Thompson House

Looking down the valley from the last shot

White-tailed Antelope Squirrel

John and Sue along the creekside trail

This was a new bird for me and also a very difficult one to capture as he kept flitting from branch to branch.  He was also very tiny so difficult to find in the viewwfinder

These two are looking upstream from a suspension bridge

Fall colour was starting to happen

Making honey

Eucalyptus tree

An old Dodge Power Wagon

These two are of the wool shed

Susan peeking in the wool shed window, photobombing photographer included

So nice to see these butterflies