Tuesday, March 26, 2019


Just moving along at our snail's pace, we have made it to Mountain Home, Idaho.  We stopped for an hour and a half at lunch so we could admire the birds and other wild life.  I saw on Facebook last night that my friend Ernie A from Nanaimo was in Ely, NV so I posted to him that he would probably be passing us today and described our unit.  Well, shortly after pulling onto I-84 at Bliss, we spotted Ernie pulling back onto the freeway from a rest stop.  I honked at him as we went by and when they passed us a few minuted later, Susan gave us an exuberant wave and smile.
I started the photos with our last ones from Chloride where we walked 1.4 miles up to the murals above town.  They were quite fascinating to see and of course since we went up at first light, we had the place to ourselves.  The road is quite rough but we could have made it with the CRV.
Tomorrow doesn't sound like a good travel day as there is a 70% chance of rain going over the Blues.  We hope to be going there at the warmest time of day so hope the roads are snow free.  If all goes well tomorrow, we should be across the border Friday afternoon.

Three handheld moon shots while walking up the road to the murals, I used things on the hillside for foregrounds.

Two rocks

The murals were painted in 1966 by Roy Purcell.  He came back in 2006 with his kids and grand kids and re-painted them.

Telephoto shot back down to Chloride from the murals

While Aileen walked the road back, I ridge walked and got some great views


One last shot of Chloride

Cruising north on Nevada 93

The rest of the images are along the Snake River between Buhl and Bliss, Idaho


American White Pelicans

Ring-necked Duck

Sunday, March 24, 2019


We left Caliente Friday morning and went to Vulture Peak Rd via Gila Bend.  We found a nice quiet area to dry camp.  Great area for walking as there was next to no traffic and lots of birds and rabbits to entertain us.  We moved from there to Chloride, AZ yesterday and up to Alamo, NV today.  We had a pretty good drive through Las Vegas this morning.  Probably the quietest we've ever had for traffic and the new route 11 bypassing Boulder City was really nice.   Can't accuse us of putting on too many miles in a day!  Tomorrow will likely be our longest travel day at 464 kms moving up to the cold in Wells, NV.  Probably five more days on the road before we get to Pentiction, BC where we will hang up for a few days at friends.
The first set of photos were all taken along Vulture Peak Rd then we get to the Chloride photos.

Foxtail Chess

Exserted Paintbrush

Vulture Peak Rd looking north, evening light

Bottle Evening Primrose, they open in the evening and fade with daylight

Black-tailed Jack Rabbit washing his back foot

First light n Vulture Peak

Lichen on a rock

Morning dew on a primrose

Black-tailed Jack Rabbit

Chloride, AZ semi ghost town

Reflection of previous buildings

Lots of old buildings

Joshua Tree blossom

Some of the old mine tailings

Not all the buildings are old and run down

A nice quiet dog, doesn't disturb the neighbours

This Jeep is making a valiant effort to get out of the hole!

Backyard friends

Not what you expect to see on the main street, Tennessee Ave

Sunset down the road