Sunday, January 9, 2022


 Here's a few recent photos of what our winter is like.

The Okanagan River flowing past our park started to freeze when the temperatures dipped for a few days.  It has warmed up since then and some of the ice has melted. 

We had a significant dump of granularly powdery snow that was difficult to walk in.  It filled in your tracks instantly and didn't give any traction so your feet were continuously sliding in all directions. 

I was the first one to walk up to the dam that day and I had to stop and rest every hundred feet or so.  It took me much longer than usual to make to the trip.  I took my big camera and lens as well as my tripod to try some slow shutter speed photography of the moving water flowing past the ice and snow covered rocks.  I will post those photos tomorrow. 

The snow piles are growing alongside our driveway

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