Wednesday, August 10, 2016


We moved back to Charlie and Sheila's August 2.  I put in four sessions on the hydraulic wood splitter then we hauled six big loads to the woodshed and filled it.  Aileen worked with me on the first four loads then Sheila took her place for the last two.  I have another session on the splitter to finish up the blocks on the ground then there is a huge pile to be stacked for next year's use.
There was a big party here on Sunday when seven or eight of Sheila's cousins and spouses came for a visit.
Aileen was happy to get to the shop to get her hair cut just after we returned here.  Today she is cutting Mitzy's hair and hopefully, mine tomorrow.  I took the new RZR for its first service yesterday in Duncan.  I visited my Cousin Dale for a few minutes then Susan, the lady who I took over as treasurer from to pick up the last bank statement.  After going for Chinese smorg for lunch, I went geocaching.  I found a nice little creek I knew nothing about and enjoyed wandering along it taking photos and exploring.  I did manage to get six caches as well.

These first three were taken with my Canon 6D handeld although I did rest the camera on rocks for the two water shots.

The deer were in a side yard in Crofton as I was driving through.  Taken with my Canon SX50

Taken with my SX50 handheld.

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