Monday, August 1, 2016


It has been cooler and quite windy here in Campbell River the past few days.  That's a change since the day we arrived when it was so warm.  I wandered off geocaching yesterday and did a lot of walking.
We are moving down to Charlie and Sheila's tomorrow for a bit.  This afternoon we are to visit Sheila's cousin who lives around the corner from Bill's.  We are going to Dick's Fish and Chips in Campbell River later this morning.  Aileen enjoys their gluten free fish.

Waterfall along a logging road near Port McNeill

Interesting patterns below the waterfall 

Hauling logs by rail.  This is the longest operating logging railway in North America, apparently, at 90 kms (56 miles).

Taken high up on a mountain looking out over the ocean near Port McNeill facing northeast

I enjoy wandering around these mountain meadows up high on the hills.  They are spared destruction as there is no merchantable timber.

Brother in law John  took me to Huson Caves Park one day.  Quite interesting how the water has carved its way through the limestone.

Water cupped limestone

I was intrigued by how the water had sculpted this spot

Some of the roads we rode

Pindar Peak on the right

Evening shadows on Nimpkish Lake

Pindar Peak on the left

While geocaching with the ATVs one day, we were along the ocean north of Campbell River