Tuesday, October 12, 2010


13,000 foot Mt Wheeler along the Great Basin Highway

Cathedral Gorge pictures

We were on the road just before nine today. We drove #93, the Great Basin Highway down to Panaca where we turned east. Just before Panaca, we stopped early for lunch at Cathedral Gorge State Park. What a little gem it turned out to be. Great erosion happening there and the noon light wasn’t too unkind. Just to be on the safe side, I plugged the car into the inverter and battery charger, the car was still fine tonight when I unhooked. The solar system is pretty handy for stuff like that as you have 110 volts wherever you are. And of course, if the sun is shining you get to recharge the main batteries. After lunch, Aileen grabbed a short nap while I downloaded the pictures I’d just taken.

We had a couple of hard climbs today especially out of Cedar City toward Long Valley Junction on #14. In hindsight, it is not the best motor home road. The climb went on forever and we groaned our way up at 50-60 kms per hour for much of it. The Fall colours were striking in places but of course there was no way to stop and shoot them. Oh, the agony!! Perhaps I can make it there again in the car but it would be hard to get there at the right light.

We are set up at the Riverside RV Park just north of Hatch, Utah and will likely stay here for several days, depending on the weather. I think there is a lot to explore and experience within driving distance from here. Tomorrow I will take a first run into Bryce Canyon to check it out. Aileen is going to take it easy in camp.

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  1. Those gorges, and the process of erosion itself, have to be among the most unique sights in the world. And the cookie-cutter perfection of its uniqueness is hard to grasp. Would love to see those pics larger still! Say, in real life!