Monday, February 27, 2012


Not too far north of Grant's Pass we ran into this

I took Mitzy for a big walk in the cold before breakfast.  We drove over to the gas station about 7:30 but it was a couple minutes past eight before we had the $294 gas in and the car hooked up.  I drove for a couple hours then Aileen for about one and a half up to lunch.  I did the rest and tonight we are in Elma, WA.   The Passport America park I had planned on staying at near Castle Rock is now a KOA park and PA is not honoured.  I am wondering about my wisdom in taking out this membership.  I had intended using it enough on the way north to cancel out the cost of joining but with only this park in Alma and the one in Gila Bend, our savings are about half of the $39 fee.  Another I wanted to stay at wasn’t valid in February while yet another wasn’t valid on the day of the week we would have been there.
We put on 726 kms (425 miles) yesterday and 614 (384 miles) today.  So much for our target of no more than 500 kms (300 miles).  Yesterday our excuse was getting past the possible storm.  Today was getting away from that danged freeway.  Most of the RV parks along I-5 are right along it so they are horribly noisy which is not nice for two people who seem to have very sensitive hearing.  I guess there are times when some hearing loss does come in handy.  The next drive for the motor home will only be to Sequim which is not much more than 125 miles, I think.  I’m considering staying here another night and perhaps taking a run out to the coast tomorrow to poke around.  The lady said it was only 19F degrees here this morning so we’ll just have to see.  We dumped our tanks when we arrived this afternoon and filled the fresh water tank.  That way we don’t need to have any hoses hooked up to freeze.

A little further north and the co pilot was starting to get nervous but then we dropped a thousand feet and all was well


  1. Snow and ice and it doesn't look fun. Photo looks like it was taken on Mt. Walker. It's not a big one but can certainly be slippery. Be careful out there!!

  2. John, keep your Passport membership! We have gotten a lot of use out of ours when we travel. The limitations placed on it are realistic, and it is not intended for long stays, but it's perfect if you are willing to work with it in your more casual traveling.