Friday, February 24, 2012


We had a leisurely start to the day and didn’t get on the road til 9:20.  We drove a couple back streets in Bouse then stopped in Parker for gas and a quick look in Walmart for a small refillable propane tank but, none there.  We had an early lunch near Needles before getting on I-40.  We had set our clocks back an hour when we crossed the Colorado River earlier.  Looking ahead at the weather for northern California, I see there are several days of rain/snow with the snow elevation levels to be very low.  There seems to be a window of better weather on Monday so after projecting ahead, I called and made a reservation in Santa Nella for tomorrow night.  It is a little more than we like to drive in a day but puts us in position for Monday if the opportunity is there.  No pictures to show from today but I have just a few from yesterday.

I thought this little water company compound was rather cute

A hand held HDR shot of this old Diamond T truck while on my bike ride yesterday

I took this picture while bike riding after supper last night.  That is my pack sack on my back, not my hunchback

Last night's sunset was a little better than the night before

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