Thursday, February 23, 2012


All these flowers were taken in the desert behind the campground in Gila Bend

Most, like these little daisies are nearly stemless and hug the ground

West of Gila Bend were some fine alfalfa fields which were being harvested, note the large truck with silage aboard

Blue Herons and Egrets shot at 60+ mph

Brittle Bush brightened the highway for miles

Sunset over Bouse looking east
This is Dateland with the trees on the left where we stopped and loaded up on dates

We got an early start Wednesday morning and were actually on the road by 8:20.  Aileen drove the first leg to Dateland where we stopped and bought some dates and had the really tasty date shakes.  We arrived in Yuma ahead of schedule so we found a place to park the motor home with the car still hooked on, then we walked up to Parrish’s Bar and Grill where we met our Salmon Arm friends Ray and Edna for lunch.  We had a great visit then they gave us a ride back to the motor home.
After departing Yuma, we headed up 95 then took Plamosa Rd almost to Bouse where we found an empty spot to spend the night.  Our nearest neighbour is about half a mile away.  The highway is quite close but later at night there is next to no traffic.  We sat outside and watched the semi sunset.  We mostly stayed put today.  Aileen enjoyed some real down time for a change.  I went for a long bike ride into and around most of Bouse.  Furthest I’ve ridden in years so my butt is complaining tonight.  We did go for a walk around the area this morning before it got too warm, well it didn’t get too warm for me.  I sat out in the sun and read after lunch.  I guess we will move on along the route north tomorrow although it would be nice to tarry longer.  If we did then we’d have to put in longer days later to get to the border in time.


  1. We have to find those dates shakes! Others have told us how great they are, but we always seem to not be able to find the places! We'll Google Dateland and get there one of these days for sure. Love your flower pictures! You got the focus just right, very shallow depth of field. Have a safe trip home!

  2. Jerry and Suzy, if you look at the last picture which shows that Dateland is Exit 67 on I-8 then head for the Texaco sign and the date shakes are in the same building as Subway next to the Texaco.