Saturday, October 20, 2012

SECOND POST FOR October 20, 2012

There was a rather nice sunset tonight so I bailed out with my camera for a few shots.  I should have taken my tripod because pretty soon I had to set my ISO at 6400 to be able to handhold.  That made my pictures a bit grainy.
We went to the pool just at dark and it was pretty nice.  I mostly managed to keep warm enough but certainly didn’t overheat.  Aileen was able to stay in for a long time for her.   We’d been talking to a couple from Summerland, BC in the pool and after Aileen left, I found they don’t live together when at home.  He lives in Summerland, she lives in Penticton, BC in an apartment overlooking George and Karen’s backyard.  George and Karen’s is where we have parked the motor home the last couple or three times we’ve stayed in Penticton.  Amazing!
The view in front of the motor home during the sunset.  I was told the teepee has a hot tub in it

A later shot of the sunset

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