Thursday, October 4, 2012


It’s starting to feel like time we headed south as we’re getting frosty mornings.  Except for one day with some showers, we continue to have gorgeous sunny days.  It’s just those darn cold mornings.  It is hard to keep warm in the motor home without using too much electricity.  The other day I loaded the ATV on the trailer, put its cover on and parked it in the shed.  Put all the locks on and the tarp over the entry so hopefully it is secure.  The forest service is still asking that ATVs stay out of the tinder dry forest.
I bowled for Charlie again Monday night to give his rib more time to heal.  I helped Sheila pick plums yesterday and we got quite a haul and they are very tasty.  I’m trying to eat my fill as we can’t take any across the border.
I’ve been out several times geocaching.  I took Mitzy one day and we put on at least 7 kms so she was a little tuckered out.  The next day I did over 10 kms.  I was out with my bike today and did about 10 kms on the bike and another 2 or so on foot.  I did find 23 of the 24 caches I tried for.  I noticed quite a few had been found by my Campbell River brother in law back in July.  Some of the spots along the cache trails are very pretty.
On Tuesday, we took friend Bev D with us to Courtenay for a nice gluten free lunch at the Union Street Grill.  We did some geocaching there and back.  Yesterday, Aileen and Bev wandered around Qualicum for a while.  They went to the Coombs Market for veggies for Bev then swung by here for some plums for her and her Mom.
I washed the motor home in the water here yesterday to get the fly crap off.  Now I have traded the fly crap for water spots.  I will try my new almost waterless cleaner to see if I can get the water spots off without having to drive to a better water source.   We have a few more cleaning items to take care of before we head south.  Our plan at present is to leave here next Thursday and move down to Goldstream Park near Victoria then take the ferry to Port Angeles on Sunday morning, the 14th October.

Qualicum Beach

Looking across from Qualicum to mainland BC

Saw this little guy while caching the other day

There was a cache near here on French Creek


  1. Thank you for sharing your wonderful images. Have a safe trip!

  2. Can't you make those plums into Jam and haul that over the border? Might be a little tough in the motorhome, but perhaps you could freeze some... They only ask if you have FRESH fruit, and your answer would be no...

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