Thursday, June 2, 2016


Aileen's Cousin Pat and wife Irene came up with their daughter Lorene to spend a couple nights in her time share near Parksville.  We picked up Pat and Irene and toured around a bit and had a nice lunch at the Final Approach restaurant at the Qualicum airport.  Lorene spent her time enjoying the spa at the resort.  We had a fun visit with them and hope to see them again later in the summer.
We moved our home over to Surf Junction RV Park near Ucluelet yesterday.  The road over here from Port Alberni is not the greatest and in some spots is downright ugly with tight corners and very rough pavement.  It was not a good ride in the motor home!  It started raining just before we got here and rained hard much of the afternoon.  We both had good naps to recover from the drive over.
This morning we took a drive to Tofino stopping at a few of the beaches along the way.  I had stopped first at the visitor's center to purchase a yearly National Parks Permit as some of the best beaches lie within Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.  We will need the permit later this year if we manage to visit the Canadian Rockies National Parks after we leave Vancouver Island.  We had some off and on drizzle at all the beach stops this morning but it was not too bad.  We did have heavier rain on our drive home. Tomorrow is forecast to be wet still but then several days of sunshine are expected.  We are spending a week in this spot so will be able to be much more laid back with our touring. Normally we drive over here, roar around the highlights then drive home again.  Maybe we can take in a few sunsets on the beach.

I recently scanned this image from one of my Mom's photo albums.  This was me at 5 years old driving our then new Farmall Cub.

When we took Aileen's cousins to the Little Qualicum Cheeseworks farm the other day, I couldn't resist having Aileen take a photo of me on this old beauty.

Near Incinerator Rock looking through the gap

And from the other way

The waves left this face in the sand when they retreated this morning

There is a hopeful surfer peeking over the big wave

Looking south along the west coast beach

A mother and daughter

Moved on to Chesterman Beach closer to Tofino

A surfer dog.  His master was out there and every time he came toward shore, the dog went out to meet him.

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