Sunday, June 19, 2016


We picked up Georgia from school Friday afternoon after we left the rally.  We got lucky by arriving early at Bamberton Park as we managed to grab the last spot the motor home would fit into.  The park was full Friday and Saturday nights but so far on Sunday is mostly empty.  We took a drive into Duncan yesterday to go to the street market.  We did buy a few peppers and tomatoes plus a piece of fudge.
Today, we drove along the ocean road to Mill Bay village then out anther road to get to a beach access.   The downside to camping in this park, as in most provincial parks, is the dense tree cover. Our solar panels aren't able to charge the battery bank so we have to run the generator for a while each day to give us enough power to last the night.  We have some nice sunshine happening right now but hardly any charging going on.
Richard will be coming up to the campsite tomorrow to retrieve Georgia.  I think we will stay another night here before moving on again.

Taken through the windshield in a Duncan mall.  The man had just bought his dog a new collar at Pet Smart

Keir Rd, Mill Bay, BC

Mitzy made herself a nest beside our campsite

Mill Bay

Saanich Inlet.  Mitzy, John, Aileen, Georgia

Mill Bay.  We thought we were going to get wet, but it fizzled out.

An old Arbutus Tree along the ocean

Father's Day lunch at the campsite, Bamberton Park

These Maple Trees were posing for me so I had to take their portrait

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