Sunday, June 5, 2016


After a couple of damp days, Saturday was a gorgeous blue sky warm day.   I went off on my own along the Ancient Cedars Trail then hooked on to the north section of the Wild Pacific Trail.  I had a great walk.  There weren't many people along that section so it was quite peaceful.  After supper we toured around Ucluelet then spent the rest of the evening at Amphitrite Point.  I was surprised how many people were out there.  There seemed to be about fifty people at all times with a lot of coming and going.

This guy was in a hurry to hit the water

This is how the sea smoke is created

When this guy decided his ride was about over, he did a back flip off his board 

His board didn't wait for him

On the Ancient Cedars Trail

Yup, she's a biggie!  Western Red Cedar.

This was neat.  The one tree fell and is cradled by the one on the right.  Notice the branches on the fallen tree have taken off and grown up straight.  Co-operation in nature! 

A windswept Hemlock.  Because the prevailing wind is from the ocean, the trees tend to veer away from it.

This eagle was sitting on a nest high above the Wild Pacific Trail yesterday.  Just her head sticking up. 

Nodding Onions and a Bumblebee who has a good load of pollen on his legs

Whale Ho!  Not much of a picture, but at least we did see a whale on our walk last night along the Wild Pacific Trail.

Amphitrite Point Lighthouse

Some of the many sunset watchers last night at Amphitrite Point

Our sunset

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