Friday, June 17, 2016


Well, our five days of RV rally have flown by.  We had twenty rigs so the available space was pretty much filled up.  We had a great time with a lot of fun people.   I have taken on the position of Treasurer for the Vancouver Island Chapter of Escapees RV Club.   We enjoyed several meals together in the great clubhouse at Chemainus Gardens as well as two meals out.   Quite a few of us attended the live performance of Footloose at the Chemainus Theater yesteday afternoon.  I was able to borrow the remote control so I was able to use the digital projector in the clubhouse to show some of my slide shows set to music.  Both evenings the audience seemed to quite enjoy the shows as I received many nice compliments.  A few other attendees are also interested in photography so it was great being able to speak the language.
Tonight, we are parked at Bamberton  Provincial Park north of Victoria and it is just starting to rain. Showers are forecast for the next couple of days.  We picked up Georgia this afternoon and she will be with us until Monday when Richard returns from his conference in Ontario.  We may stay here for the weekend or we may move somewhere else.  One of the main problems we have with provincial parks is that the campsites are in heavily forested areas so we have next to nothing for solar gain necessitating running the generator.  With the rain forecast that could be worse.

On Thursday morning, I led a group to Stocking Creek Falls.  Other than a couple of ladies getting wet feet while crossing the creek, we enjoyed our morning.  Aileen is third from left and I am on the right.

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