Tuesday, June 7, 2016


Just a few more photos to share.  Today is our last day here on the west coast of Vancouver Island near Ucluelet.  We have enjoyed our stay here at Surf Junction RV Park.  I have enjoyed meeting many younger people in the hot tub in the late evenings.  For anyone visiting this area, we highly recommend walking the Ancient Cedars Trail then after 1/2 km turning north on the  Wild Pacific Trail to its terminus about one km further.  If you only have time for one hike, this will give a great overview of what the trail has to offer.  There aren't any really steep parts so it is suitable for most anyone who is able to walk a little over three kms.
Tomorrow morning we will pack up and make our way back to Charlie and Sheila's in Errington. Friday we take Mitzy for her follow up appointment at the vet in Courtenay.  On Monday, we will move down to Chemainus Gardens RV Park for the Escapees Island Chapter RV Rally.  Then on Friday of that week, we move to another campground and head to Victoria to pick up Georgia from school and she will spend the weekend with us.  By then we'll probably be ready for another holiday!

Aileen at the north end of the Wild Pacific Trail

Yellow Monkey Flower growing in the rocks above the ocean

A Sea Lion at a boat ramp in Ucluelet, BC

Aileen at the Ancient Cedars Trail

Natural archway on the Wild Pacific Trail

A fine clump of Indian Paintbrush along the ocean on the Wild Pacific Trail

Mitzy and Aileen at the Indian Paintbrush

Mitzy's new pack for when she poops out on our walks.  At nearly fourteen, she does pretty good but will suddenly get too tired to continue.

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