Monday, June 27, 2016


We moved back up to Charlie and Sheila's in Errington on Tuesday.  On Thursday, we hopped in the car and drove down to Victoria to attend Georgia's end of school party held at a lady's house.  This lady put on a huge spread of food and it was all gluten free except for the graduation cake for one of the girls who is leaving the school.  We had left early in the morning and that turned out to be a good thing as there was a major accident necessitating a long detour.  Our trip home was much smoother but it turned in to a thirteen hour day.
I went down to Duncan on Friday to meet three others in the RV Club Chapter to change signing officers at the bank.  I officially took over the books as treasurer after we were done.  I managed to get a quote on a set of tires for the motor home down there also.  It seems that getting tires in our size isn't all that easy.  The existing tires still look fine and have no visible checking that I can see but they are past nine years old so it seems current thinking dictates they should be changed out.  I also stopped and visited long time friends Jim and Wendy who I hadn't seen in many years.
We hung around the property Friday and Saturday as we were the caretakers as everyone else went to Tofino for C&S's #3 son's wedding.  The old cow had her calf Friday morning just before Charlie left and it had some issues with its front legs but seems to be doing pretty good now.
Yesterday afternoon, I took my ATV and went half an hour northwest from here and went geocaching and photographing.  I timed it so I could catch some evening light.  I did some caching at the lower level until mid-afternoon then headed higher to take advantage of the late afternoon light.  I had taken a sandwich for my supper and my view while I ate was similar to the image below. It was 9 pm when I loaded the ATV back on the trailer and headed homeward.  The weather turned beautifully sunny yesterday and we are supposed to be in a sunny pattern for a while.

Looking north up the channel between Vancouver Island and Denman Island to Comox

Deep Bay harbour

A little lake near the top of the mountain.  Beating my way through thick brush to get this image caused me to lose my lens cap so now I will have to prowl the camera stores looking for a 77mm replacement as that isn't too common a size.

Overview of the little lake and down to the ocean

Looking down on Denman and Hornby Islands

Alaska bound Celebrity Inspiration passing Hornby Island.  The boat is in excess of 25 kms distant from me

This is Mt Baker down in Washington State and it is about 250 kms (150 or more miles) from me

The two ferry boats passing are going between Nanaimo on Vancouver Island and Vancouver.  The ferries are at least 70 kms and Vancouver is about 110 kms from me.  These last three images are very poor quality but I thought it interesting in showing my location from a different perspective.

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