Monday, July 4, 2016


  We had a busy week preparing for Charlie and Sheila's son Logan's wedding reception.   He and Taryn were married last weekend in a ceremony at the base of a waterfall in the forest, 40 kms from the pavement on the west coast of Vancouver Island.  Actually there had been a lot of time and effort spent over the past few weeks getting the property here all spiffed up for the party.  This past week included the final touches, last minute lawn mowing and gathering the food.  Aileen was in charge of the food for the celiacs attending and had the kitchen as a gluten free zone in the house.  Sheila and her crew made sure the rest of the attendees had enough to eat.  There was a lot of food left over so we will have lots of variety in our diet this week.
There were other things happening this past week which I will report on in a future post.  Richard and Georgia are coming to spend a few days with us tomorrow then likely Friday we are moving up to Cousin Bill's in Campbell River.  After that, we are heading further up Island to spend time with Aileen's sister Anne and John.   We are hoping to find a quiet spot out in the bush somewhere to slow down for a while.

The wedding theme was the forest, I called this an old growth wedding cake.  Note the fungi on the side of the stump.

There were lots of little kids and activities for them

The bubble sticks were very popular

This wood fired pizza trailer was brought on site and provided very nice pizzas for all who wanted them

It was surprising how fast the pizza cooked

Lined up for pizza

A couple of  cute girls nicely dressed up

The bride on the right with her friend

Brides friend and baby

The party coordinator taking some down time 

Pete & Wendy and Sheila & Charlie; most of the dancing was of a faster variety

Charlie & Sheila's dog Belle enjoyed visiting with many of the guests