Monday, May 30, 2016


Mitzy has been doing very well recovering from her surgery that removed the last of her teeth.  She was feeling quite frisky last night running all around on our walk.
My brother Charlie and brother in law John R and I went  to the Chef Creek Forest Road system yesterday with our ATVs.  This is the area adjoining where we went last Sunday.  The forecast had called for a mix or sun and cloud in the morning and sunshine in the afternoon.  Apparently that forecast was for the coastal lowlands and not the mountains!  Every time we got a glimpse through the clouds, fog or rain, it was sunny down there.  We enjoyed very brief periods of sun but had mostly fog and rain. The rain gear got lots of use.
We are planning on going to the west coast of Vancouver Island on Wednesday for a week or so.  I'm hoping we will be able to be there before too many people arrive as it is always very busy during the summer months.

These two images are from last week after we visited the dark side.  This is the Tipple at Morden Colliery south of Nanaimo.  It is 74 feet to the top where the big wheels are.  This is an old coal mining  relic from a bygone era. 

As it had a high fence protecting it, photography was challenging.  Note the steps cut into the cement on the left side for access to the top.  It did have a railing originally as one could see the brackets for it.

The "herd" here at Charlie and Sheila's

Looking up the strait on the east side of Vancouver Island from our vantage point in the upper Chef Creek forestry road system

This was awhile later looking the same direction

The scenery disappeared on us

Wild Bleeding Heart in the rain

Wild Lupine gaining a foothold after the area was burned

A pretty little lake that survived the logging activity

Well, almost.  If you look closely, you will spot Charlie in the center.

After walking all the way around the little lake in heavy brush, mostly White Rhododendron (known as mountain misery) I climbed the ridge above to capture this fleeting shot of the little lake and the ocean far below.  Deep Bay Marina is in the foreground with Denman and Hornby Islands beyond.  Minutes later we were socked in again in the rain.

These are Vine Alder catkins

This pattern is on an old stump root after the bark fell off and it has weathered

Charlie appearing in the fog

A little mountain waterfall 

We were lucky to see this mom and fawn on our way down the mountain

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