Monday, September 30, 2013


Well, we arrived back to home base on a fairly decent day but that didn’t last long.  We’ve had lots of rain and even found a new spot for water to come into the motor home.  Never did figure out just how the water was entering through or around the front air conditioning unit but after trying several things, the leak appears to have stopped. 
Aileen was to the dentist and had a chipped tooth fixed this morning and she did it without any anesthetic.   That wouldn’t be me!!   We did a bunch of errands around town and managed a short visit with Bev who was on her day off.  Her partner has been off sick for several weeks so Bev has been the only groomer at the SPCA and has been very busy.

It has been too wet to even think about geocaching but Jim and I went out for a couple hours this afternoon and Aileen and I have an appointment with our respirologist to discuss our CPAP machines.  Following that the car has a service scheduled over in Vernon, an hour and a quarter away.  At least we aren’t bored sitting around staring at the walls. 
PS.  There was snow on the hills around today.  Hopefully, we'll be gone before it arrives down here.

I was out between rain showers the other day playing with Jacquie's flowers.  The bee and the fly sitting on it were too cold to move.

This is how I shot the picture. Note the water droplet hanging off the bottom.

This is cropped, enlarged and rotated, can you see the picture in the water drop?

How about now?  Lawn swing and corner of the house.

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  1. John we had a leak around ac as well, we found on the inside with the cover off there was a screw[bolt] near each corner. This makes a sandwich ac, roof, ceiling,inner trim tightened them, no more leak. If it vibrates loose again I will put Med.Locktite on threads. Not super or it will never come off again.