Wednesday, September 18, 2013


The first nine shots were taken along the highway from the Icefields Center to Rampart Creek

The sloping range is called The Endless Chain

The ice is probably 80-100 feet thick

Looking down on the highway from the viewpoint on the big loop hill

The moon peeking over the mountain

Last light on the peaks

The rest of the photos were taken on our late evening walk up Johnston Canyon off the Bow Valley Parkway.  It is a nice paved path past a series of waterfalls.

The Lower Falls with the path going into the cave

The viewing platform through the cave

And this is the view you get of the Lower Falls

Lots of suspended walkways to give you a great view and perspective

Just below the Upper Falls is this mineral rich bank with several springs popping out sending water rushing to the creek

And finally, the Upper Falls.  The trail continues for several more kilometers but it was basically dark when we got back to the parking lots as it was.

On checking the forecast for Lake Louise yesterday, that S word was appearing as a possibility.  Well, since most of my team doesn't want to drive in snow, we cut our visit to the Rockies short and drove through Kootenay National Park to Radium Hot Springs.  We are camped in Dry Gulch Provincial Park and the fees are now half price for BC seniors.  This was my second time to be able to get the cheap rate.  When the lady was taking my money for two nights I mentioned that it was only costing me $20 as I'd picked up the dollar coin on the road.  She said well now you just have to pick up a $20 bill and it will be free.  Aileen and I went for a walk along the highway after supper and I happened to glance down and there was a $20 bill laying in the ditch!!!
We went to the hot springs last night for an hour and I enjoyed the 102F pool and the 106 hot tub for a short while.  Aileen spent all her time in the 82F lap pool.  We were awoken during the night with rain on the roof and it really rained all morning.  The forecast did say periods of rain so it wasn't a total surprise but not that nice just the same.  Our high was 9.9C which is about 50F.  We could see snow on the mountain across the valley tonight when it finally cleared.  We spent part of the afternoon wandering around Invermere.  We were looking for a waterproof but breathable light jacket for Aileen and finally got one at Mark's.  There were several interesting stores we poked around in.  Its a nice little town.  Tomorrow we'll probably move down the road a little further looking for another provincial park.


  1. Love the hike! I am pinning your adventures so we can refer back next summer when we make our way across Canada to the northern Rockies. So glad you are sharing this trip. Thanks:)

  2. If you are coming during the mid June to late September time frame, you will need to make reservations at the National Park campgrounds that have hookups if you need them. Wapiti at Jasper maybe being the exception but it is just a big paved parking lot. Whistlers at Jasper had no openings for any electrical the three days we were there. We made do in the non hook up camping area using our solar as much as possible with a little help from the generator. For the Parker Ridge trail, it pays to camp close so you can get at it early in the morning before it gets too crowded. We stayed at Rampart Creek, 30 minutes south, but you could stay in the lower parking lot at the Icefields Center or Wilcox Campground which is very tight for larger rigs - like over 30 feet.
    Enjoy the trip when you get there!

  3. I hope we can head west for a summer trip, and east for that matter.. I have never seen these parts of Canada.