Monday, September 23, 2013


We're still having lots of rain here along Kootenay Lake.  This afternoon, I took my macro lens out looking for fungi and mushrooms of which there are many.

This bright orange one is quite ugly and breaks up very quickly after bursting out of the ground

Can you tell it was wet?

Some of the smaller ones are very delicate

This one is just starting to push its way out of the ground

This type was fascinating.  It is called a Coral Mushroom by some but is actually a  Clavarioid Fungi.  This one is about 8x10 inches and growing on the end of a downed log.  Update! When I took Aileen to see these Clavarioids the next morning, they were nearly all gone.  I couldn't tell if it was human or animal that took them but the pieces left were still prime so they didn't just disintegrate.

This Clavarioid was growing along the underside of a fallen tree.  They are so dainty.  Click on the image to enlarge it so you can enjoy the beauty.

This campground is overrun with Bittersweet.  This imported vine has purple flowers with yellow streaks and is quite attractive.  The berries apparently can be poisonous.

We are planning to move along tomorrow as we've more or less worn out this wet scenery.  I made it to the hot springs three times but the drive was getting monotonous especially in the dark after enjoying the pools.  The weather doesn't appear to be any better where we are heading but we'll see.  I'm hoping to get closer to some geocaches.  I suspect we won't have any internet now until we get to the Shuswap, probably on Thursday.

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  1. They always remind me of little minature bird baths...mabe some critters do drink out of them....