Wednesday, September 11, 2013


Today is our last day in Jasper.  We're going to move down the Icefields Parkway into Banff National Park, most likely to Rampart Creek Campground.  We will probably not have any internet until we get to Lake Louise in a few days.  My laptop is giving me lots of grief.  It seems to have a chronic over heating problem and the computer specialist in Salmon Arm where I took it last spring told me that is the main reason he sees for HP laptops to expire.  I'm thinking I'd better buy another laptop before we head south as I live and breathe this thing.  I was trying to edit photos for today's blog and the computer just shut down in the middle of everything.  I already had it propped up on a book to allow air movement as well as sitting on a hard surface.  I decided to give up on the editing and get my last couple weeks of photo files saved to my external hard drive in case this computer totally crashes.  It was really slow doing the transfer so I have the whole computer raised off the platform using a battery charger as well as the book.  When it cooled off more, the speed picked up.  I suppose I will have to make the switch to Windows 8 and the associated learning curve.  I've been very pleased with Windows 7.

An evening drive south of Jasper

Athabasca Falls, can you see the face in the rocks?

Can you see the face now?

Caribou tracks at Medicine Lake.  No we didn't see any but there were lots of signs telling us to watch out for them.

Maligne Lake

Maligne Lake

On the road back from Maligne toward Medicine Lake

Medicine Lake.  There is  large river running in at the other end but nothing out of this end as Medicine Lake drains out the bottom.  The water re-surfaces miles downstream.

Mt Edith Cavell with Angel Glacier on the right

Cavell Lake

We were pretty surprised to have some horses suddenly appear across the lake while we were enjoying the peace and serenity of not a single human sound.  Upon investigation, we found a corral where five horses were kept for trail rides.

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