Thursday, November 30, 2023


After leaving Clifton we wandered along Hwy 141 and spent the night in Naturita.  The next day we reached the Bisti Badlands south of Farmington, New Mexico and we camped in the parking lot.  I made a short trip out to explore before supper then yesterday Aileen and I had a great six hour walk out among the otherworldly creation that is Bisti.
When we got back to the motorhome and had a rest we heard there was the possibility of snow overnight.  It was too late to pack up and drive somewhere and we were too tired to feel up to it so we stayed.  Sure enough it snowed but more than forecast.  I measured 2 3/4 inches on the car roof this morning.  Since we were down in a hole, I wasn't interested in trying to drive the motorhome up and out first thing so we waited and I edited photos in the meantime. 
Aileen mentioned that a pickup had just driven in and left again.  When I looked out I saw his tracks were cutting down to gravel so I took the car the three miles out to the highway to assess things.  Since it looked good and more snow was forecast for overnight and tomorrow we decided to get moving.
We are in Milan, NM tonight at an RV park where the elevation is 1987 m which is 6557 feet so still pretty cool.  Hopefully we'll be down lower tomorrow into warmer temperatures.
Bisti Badlands parking lot.

Bisti Badlands access road.

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  1. Out loud voice: "Wow, what an adventure for you guys! And such great scenery, too."

    Inside my head: "YOU PEOPLE NEED TO BE CAREFUL!" - Love, Richard