Wednesday, November 1, 2023


 I headed east up I-70 to DeBeque planning to do some geocaching.  However, after the first cache used up an hour or more, there wasn't time to try for many more.  The first cache took me to some neat views and helped work off some of the many pies and other goodies I've been scarfing down at all our card parties.  It also illustrated how out of shape I've become.

My first cache was nearly at the top of the ridge.

Zooming in, the cache was under that tree on the right behind the white rock.

How's this for a rock pile?  The cache is under that tree on the right of the bluff.

At the cache looking down to the car.  Yes, that's my camera on the rock.

In case you couldn't find the car in the last photo, it's right in the top center in this one.

This was some of the mess I travelled through.

Many towns in America and some in Canada put the first letter of their town on a nearby hillside.  Here, I'm standing above the DeBeque D which is about 30x50 feet.  We're looking west toward Grand Junction with I-70, the railway and the Colorado River all heading that way.

Showing a bit of DeBeque and the surrounding area from part way up the rockpile.

Looking east toward Denver with the Colorado River, I-70 and the railway.

I was surprised to see such a small train.

Near where I found my second cache much closer to the road.

Very typical mountain in this area.

Juniper tree.

Juniper tree.

Mt Garfield just across I-70 from Clifton.  

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