Thursday, November 9, 2023


 As mentioned in the previous post, we took a side trip to see the little town with 133 inhabitants.  It was only 6 miles following the Crystal River and very scenic surrounded by Elk Mountain Range with some lofty peaks.  The underground quarry is currently operating and we saw a truckload of marble heading out the road as we went in.

There is a community park showcasing chunks of marble.

Remnants of the old shop.  We're looking down one of the side walls.  Each of those slots in the pillars had an upright beam which had some type of purpose.

An old Galleon pull road grader perched on a slab of marble.

One of the side pillars.

Standing in the grader operating compartment.  Those two upright wheels were for raising and lowering each side of the blade.

There were several galleries with some fine art work for sale.

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  1. What a fascinating spot: amazing. - Richard