Monday, July 4, 2022


We've been in Donnelly, Alberta for about a week and a half and have done quite a bit of touring around both main roads and back roads.  We've done some geocaching and photography, specially of old historic farm buildings.  We were able to visit with my cousin Judith in the evenings when she was finished her work day and enjoyed our time with her.  

Tomorrow we will begin heading to Fort McMurray to visit our daughter.  I will have to peruse the maps today to select some possible overnight stops for us.  I will have to figure out a route first as we don't want to get too close to Edmonton and the busier traffic.  We've been enjoying the sparse traffic on the roads up here.

This huge sprayer took up a lot of the highway

Slowly sinking into oblivion


Out in the middle of the field

Lots of beef in this area

Shoulder deep in the swamp grass and hoovering it down

This looks to be a cross between a Whitetail and Mule Deer.  The left antler is classic Whitetail while the right is classic Mule Deer.

Once somebody's castle

Nice collection of buildings

Holding up well

Grain crop


Left in place while they farm around it


Different construction

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