Tuesday, July 26, 2022


Skipping ahead a bit, here are a few images taken at Bridal Lake on the summit of the Salmo-Creston section of BC  Highway 3.  Stagleap Provincial Park straddles the highway and Bridal Lake is right on the side of the highway.  There is a nice level trail that goes around the lake away from the highway and also a loop trail that takes you further up into the forest.  I will have to plan to take the loop trail next time we go there as there are 5 geocaches along it and perhaps some nice views as well.  We've never stopped there before and hadn't thought about it this time but it was lunch time.  There was no cell service so I didn't know about the geocaches until sitting at the computer here at home.  It's about 182 kms from home as the crow flies but much further by road.

Nice cabin for warming up built by BC Parks
Looking back to the cabin from the far end of the lake

Bear Grass.  An evergreen member of the lily family.  The plants seem to flower every five to ten years.  Poisonous to eat, the local natives used the tough leaves to ornament baskets giving it its other common name of Indian basket-grass.

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