Sunday, March 14, 2010


We got up and going before 7 Daylight Saving Time this morning. That was rather brutal as we went to a local coffee house last night and didn’t get home til after 11 PM Standard Time. The performers were awesome at the coffee house. Most of them were performing original work they’d written and most of them sounded every bit as good as professionals. We moved stuff from the RV pad where Jim’s truck has been parked all winter, put up the trailer jacks, unhooked the power etc. When Jim came out, I moved the trailer ahead so he could get his work truck out then I backed the trailer in so we are in the trailer pad and have the sewer hooked up full time. If they hadn’t arrived home, we would have been going to town tomorrow to dump the tanks. I got everything leveled and hooked up then we packed all our stuff out of the shop and put it behind the trailer so Jim could get the shop cleaned up.

As soon as we finished that, it was time to head for town. I dropped Aileen early for church and went to the house. I swept the garage and turned the water on before our daughter Bev and Kevin arrived. We three then got busy packing everything from the darkroom up to the garage. I was permitted to use the old darkroom for storage when we rented the house and it was great at the time since we could leave most of the heavy stuff there instead of having to get it all to storage, and rent a second storage bin. However, now that we have decided to try selling, it has to go somewhere. I think we will have to have a yard sale pretty soon. There was an amazing amount of “stuff”, much of which we will need to dispose of. I would probably have kept quite a bit of it if we were staying in the house but don’t really want to be paying for more storage. Bev went and picked up Aileen from church then we finished up just before one. We all went to Wings for a nice Chinese lunch then Aileen and I returned to the house and vacuumed the carpet again.

From there, it was home to the trailer for Aileen’s nap. Just before getting back to the trailer we met my Aunt Eleanor and Ron so we stopped to visit for a few minutes. They left AZ the same day we did and got home a few hours after us last Sunday. They had stopped in Logan, Utah to visit their grandson for several days. While we were visiting on the road, my cousin Jeff and Debbie drove up, so more visiting. Jeff had been to see his parents, Jacquie and Jim.

We have been spending part of each day at the house working to get it in good showing condition. There have been a few minor things needing work and there’s a bit of patching/painting needed. We had our first showing on Saturday and the realtor’s are to have a group walk through soon. Aileen said one of the church ladies was very interested also and may be contacting our realtor.

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