Thursday, March 4, 2010


Mt Shasta, Northern California

We had a little slower start this morning. It was really foggy for several miles heading out to I5 then just as we got to the freeway, the fog lifted and it was beautiful sunshine. We wandered our way north making several stops for pets, us and gas. The weather was so nice as we neared Weed, our planned stop for tonight, that we reconsidered given how early it was and the forecast of snow showers in the morning. We decided to get over the 5100 and 5200 foot passes while it was nice. Speaking of nice, so was Mt Shasta with its mantel of snow. It is such an inspiring sight, sticking up majestically all by itself.

We are at the KOA in Klamath Falls, Oregon tonight. We traveled 435 kms (272 miles) today, stopping before 3:30. Aileen is napping then I plan to take her into town for supper. We will see if the snow showers materialize here in the morning. If they do, we will wait for it to warm up before moving on.


  1. Happy travels. Hope to see you guys when you're on the island whenever that may be!
    Keith Heather and Ollie

  2. Wow, Shasta is a photogenic peak. I haven't been that far south yet, but one of these times, I hope!