Friday, March 5, 2010


320 foot high railway bridge over Crooked River in Oregon

300 foot high highway bridges over Crooked River

Bathrooms - click on the image and check the windows closely

Images taken in old Shaniko, Oregon

Well, we overdid it again today and exceeded our target. We traveled 569 kms (356 miles). The only low elevation place we could have stayed was along the Columbia River with two railways and I84 to make lots of noise so we elected to push on to Toppenish and the Yakama Nation RV Park near the Legends Casino. We have full hookups, all paved, good Wi-Fi etc. for $21. We hit the road about 7:30 this morning and arrived here at 4:30. We again made many stops along the way. Aileen drove for a couple hours this morning while I dozed and navigated. We made it over more passes today with no snow. The threatened precipitation never materialized either, at least not while we were there. Maybe we skipped along in front of it? It was -2C (about 30F) for a long way this morning then later it was 13C along the Columbia River. We actually had a fair bit of sunshine off and on.

We were rather impressed with the 300 foot gorge. There were signs which said “many dogs have died here, leave your dog in the car!” I expect it was quite challenging and scary putting in the foundations for the bridges and being first across the bridge would have been a thrill. We enjoyed wandering around old Shaniko which is being slowly restored. We had the place to ourselves which was a plus. If you do a Google search for Shaniko, it turns up some rather interesting facts. Tomorrow is supposed to be a shorter day again. The team is hoping so. Sophie and Mitzy have been flaked out all evening. I guess they didn’t get enough rest while driving.


  1. Typing coments with ten thubs is a tought business for an 83 youn Retarded Prof

  2. welcome back to Canada!
    Be prepared for a shock when you drag the trailer onto the bc ferry, price per foot jumped to 5.25 for rv's!