Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Jacquie and Jim have listed their house for sale and while we were playing Mexican Train the other night the decision was made to hold a yard sale or two to get rid of more junk. I managed to dig a truck load out of our storage shed and two from the darkroom/storage in the house. I think what’s left will fit into storage now. I guess whatever doesn’t sell will be given to the thrift stores. In the Mexican Train game the other night Aileen beat out Jim in the last set to steal the win by 4 points! He’d been ahead nearly the whole time. No worries about where I was which was over 200 points behind them. I was almost 100 points from second to last.

Off to storage a little after nine this morning for a few things then over to the house. More sorting of what came from the darkroom. Some is going to storage and some came to Jordan’s for the yard sale. Aileen did a couple loads of laundry while we were there. She was getting frustrated waiting for me but, hey, I was sorting 20 plus years of memories and I will probably regret throwing out some of what I did by being in such a rush.

We unloaded after lunch then Aileen gave Mitzy a much needed bath. I started dismantling slide reels (shows). I can’t see myself going back to showing them and the reels take up so much space in storage. There are five 24x24 inch boxes each one foot high which is 20 cubic feet. I worked outside awhile then it got windy and cold so I moved inside. All the ladies were napping here in the trailer. I haven’t been posting many pictures lately for two reasons. Firstly I haven’t been taking any and secondly I have to drive to get a strong enough signal to post them from here whereas I can sometimes post the text okay.

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