Sunday, March 21, 2010


Our house in Salmon Arm which we have for sale

We had a fairly successful yard sale yesterday. There were lots of people and some came back a second time with friends. I think we sold close to half our things and I suspect it was the same for Jacquie and Jim. I got rid of all 32 plastic stacking chairs we used in our rec room for potlucks and strata meetings. They had been used by the strata last year and stored there then I had to move them out to Jim’s shop. Since he is planning on selling, they just took up too much room to warrant keeping. All four of us had naps after putting things away mid afternoon. We are planning on doing it again next Saturday then I guess whatever is left of our “stuff” will go to the thrift shops. I delivered some things to daughter Bev this morning that she had selected from the sale.

All is quiet on the house sale at present. Hopefully there will be some action before long. If not, I guess we just wait. I have been drawing plans for possible housing in our future. Some include full living quarters while others are just supplemental to an RV. The basic idea is to keep the size down for less housework, heating, cooling, cash outlay, insurance etc. We’ve looked a little at property but don’t want to get too interested until the house is sold. I don’t want to get so desperate to buy something that we give the house away too cheap. We’ll try patience first and see how long we can last.

We continue re-arranging the storage contents to make room for the things from the house that we do wish to keep. If we could get at some of the storage contents further in, we would have more stuff for the yard sale but that is just too much work. The main problem is we put lots of heavy stuff at the front to reduce our work at the time. It would all have to be lifted out first and that isn’t going to happen. We’ll probably have a moving in sale when we finally get around to emptying the storage locker. The big items left to squeeze into storage are Aileen’s desk and the (very heavy and awkward) treadmill plus a large amount of picture frame glass and mat board. There’s also the matter of a couple hundred or more photos in 16x20 inch mats that need a home. I had them at the sale yesterday but only four sold at the giveaway price of $10 each! Normally I would be asking $35-50 each and considerably more if framed. I did get many compliments though. It was rather funny at one time as there was an older chap who had picked out one of the prints which he really liked and was going to buy. When he heard the price he almost threw it back in the box in his haste and hustled away. The world is full of surprises.

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