Sunday, March 28, 2010


We’ve wrapped up our affairs in Salmon Arm for the next while. We hope! We’ve listed the house, emptied it out, done some repairs, removed and sold some of our stored items, added new items to storage, visited doctor and dentist, purchased new sleep masks, visited a few friends (not much time for that though), had two yard sales and more. After the last yard sale, we took a truck load of items that didn’t sell and donated them to the thrift store. A few things went back to storage and a couple more things were given to our daughter. It has been a busy three weeks! The plan now is to have some quiet time for us, then visit family and friends on the Island. We have no schedule made and hope to keep from getting too hectic.

Today we went to the house for the last time to do laundry and I noticed we have house sale competition. The house four units up has a for sale sign. A check on the internet reveals it is priced $30,000 below ours. It is 240 square feet more on the main floor but doesn’t have a basement while ours has a full 1330 finished downstairs. It has a lake view from the dining room and kitchen whereas ours has a better view from the dining and living rooms. It will ensure more traffic seeing our for sale sign so that is probably a good thing and if hers does sell first, perhaps we’ll get the consolation bidder who lost out.

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  1. Good luck, and let us know when you're feeling up for some company! I'm done teaching on the 9th, and the next week is filled with exams and meetings, plus we're in Vancouver for appointments and a show for Georgia (Franklin on stage!) for April 16-18 -- so things are busy -- but after that, things get a whole lot more flexible.

    I think it's a good thing that the other house is for sale. Simultaneous open houses might help....