Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Our work continues with the house and contents. I had ordered a new window crank for the dining room and when it came in yesterday, it wasn’t the right one. The correct one no longer exists in the catalogue apparently. It was supposed to have been repaired in September 2008 just after we moved out. We had made arrangements for the installer to get it done and for the property manager to pay him. I was surprised to find it still broken when we first went in the house a couple weeks ago. Tomorrow I will try tapping out the screw holes to a larger size and hope that works. If not, perhaps we can take the single one from the bedroom to the dining room and use the ordered one in the bedroom. The old cranks had screws in from the back, not visible from the front. The new ones have screws going from inside through to the outside so we’d end up with mismatched cranks in the dining room if we were to use the new one. We have carpet cleaners coming in tomorrow and the flooring guys are to come Monday to fix a couple squeaks in the living room hardwood floor.

We are hoping to get everything completed here that needs attention fairly soon so we can carry on with our travels. Vancouver Island will be our next destination. We’re going to hibernate somewhere for a few days to regroup and rest up. The team has been going pretty steady for over a month now what with packing up in Arizona, driving home and then all the stuff with the house here and various appointments. I’ve been noticing on blogs I follow that the wild flowers are starting to bloom nicely down in the desert areas. One year I hope to be able to stay long enough to catch some of it. We can’t stay long enough when I want to attend the PSA photography conferences which are usually held mid September. Keeping our six month limit in mind means we need to head north early if we want to head south early in the Fall. So even though I won’t be going to South Carolina this year for the event, we had to come home early as we went south September 17th last year. Next year we must come home early because the conference is in Colorado Springs September 18-24 and I really want to attend that one. Since we go down early in Fall 2011, we must come home early again in 2012. And so it goes. Fall 2012 is really early in September in San Francisco so I’ll probably fly down and home again right after, if I go. Depending where 2013 is held, we may be able to delay our departure north in Spring 2013. Boy, do I hate planning that far ahead!

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