Wednesday, December 1, 2021


 It got up to 21C here today which is about 70F.  I guess the winds brought the Hawaiian Express Winds over the mountains to us.  It was great out riding in the hills.  Fortunately we were not there when the wind toppled a big green fir tree across our road.  We were able to climb a bank to get around it but the road will be blocked as soon as it snows as the hill will be too steep to climb when it is slippery, I think.  This is the same area I rode last week in the snow which had all melted.  

We checked out a couple new to us trails and both are going to work into the ride I will put together for the ATV club in the spring.  There was a fisherman on Burnell Lake and another guy on Ripley Lake and a couple fishing from shore on Madden Lake.  We didn't meet anyone on our trails the whole time, great.  Very peaceful.

Click on the photo to enlarge.

Ruffed Grouse taken from my seat in the ATV

After losing all their gorgeous leaves, the poplars are still fascinating

Two Trumpeter Swans on Burnell Lake

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