Tuesday, December 28, 2021


 We had a very quiet Christmas with just the two of us.  Bev and Kev had planned to be with us but she had to work a couple extra days so they arrived at 3 am Monday morning.  Bev's flight from northern Alberta arrived in Kelowna about 1 am and Kevin was there to collect her.  They then drove down to here and the best part of that was that neither Aileen nor I heard them arrive.

Kevin being Kevin he got busy looking for things that needed doing.  Great!  He installed the new engine battery in the motorhome and added a light in the utility room.  A new freezer arrived in his truck so we carried that in and got it set up.  Bev and Aileen had a baking day.   Thanks Bev and Kev!

The weather has been rather nasty so our walks have been curtailed a bit.  It was -21 C Monday morning and lots of records were broken for that day.  The nasty wind has continued to blow during the colder weather making it feel even worse.  These two photos were taken Christmas Day.

Our house

On my walk up the river trail.  I was dressed warm enough except for my face which the wind made very painful.  If I cover my face properly then my glasses fog up and I can't see.  If I take off my glasses then I can't see well enough to see any detail.

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