Tuesday, October 5, 2021


This a carryover from our Christina Lake trip with these red maple leaves.

This past Sunday we took the car and went on a little road trip.  We went up past the Apex Mountain ski area and across to the Nickleplate mine area and then down to Highway 3 just east of Hedley, BC.  This is a shot of some poplars with my full frame camera.

A pano of the same trees with my phone.

Some fall colour with my camera.

We explored a side road which led us to this nice viewpoint looking east along the Similkameen River Valley towards Keremeos, BC.  This was a launch point for parasailers.  

Further down the mountain we stopped for lunch at this fine viewpoint.  This is looking west up the Similkameen Valley.  Hedley is tucked around the corner of the treed hillside to the right of the water that's visible.

Another view same as the above showing some of our switchbacks and the highway below.

Switchbacks from both sides.

We were surprised to see this Scarlet Gilia which is a spring flower.  Aileen spotted it as we were driving.

The Sumac was colourful.

In the midst of the desert like environment, it was so refreshing to find this little creek crossing the road.

After coming down off the mountain, we took a short side trip up the Ashnola River.  I picked up four geocaches along here and one was near this outhouse in a forestry campsite.  Someone had cut animal figures in the top of the side walls so I took a photo from inside of the foliage outside.

Same as above.

Fall reflections in the river.

Looking upstream from one of the bridges.

Yesterday I took my cameras for a ride in the hills closer to home.

Midafternoon and it was feeding time.  There was a third cow/calf couple off to the right that were doing the same.

A little lake I drove by.

My full frame DSLR camera took this one.

And a vertical pano with my phone.


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