Sunday, October 10, 2021


The first few photos were taken along the trail from home up along the Okanagan River.  The Kokanee are spawning and turn red when doing so.

Sumac is red and poison ivy is orange


On our road trip last Friday I stopped at this spot for a geocache.  It was a long while before I got around to looking for the cache because I noticed this fall colour and photography trumps geocaching.  The geocache will always be there but the colour and light is fleeting and must be captured when found.

Then I found this little pond

Exploring a bit further I found this road which led me to more fall beauty

And then to the other side of the pond

Continuing our drive along BC Hwy 3, we turned up Sidley Mtn Rd and found some more colour.  In the high elevation up here, many trees were totally bare already.  I was thinking that this was probably our last chance for good colour this year.

Another geocache led us to find this old cabin on a side road off the Mt Baldy ski hill road

We took the Mt Baldy Road from Hwy 3 back to Oliver.  It is mostly gravel but in good condition and pretty quiet.


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