Monday, January 25, 2016


We are heading over to Quartzsite Tuesday morning and will likely be there nearly three weeks.  The RZR is loaded on the trailer ready to be hooked on behind the motor home.  The car will stay behind and have a rest.  We went to our friends over in Florence Gardens this afternoon and picked some beautiful big oranges to take with us.
We  had a potluck supper last night with four Colorado couples.  One of them recently celebrated their 42nd anniversary.  That was a good enough excuse for a party.  We had to wait for the football game to end as they are all Denver fans.

One of the residents in Florence Gardens got rather creative using the skeletal framework from Cholla Cactus

I took this out the motor home window yesterday morning, looking down our street to the pool complex

Mitzy and I saw this Curved-bill Thrasher on our walk yesterday morning

Aileen drove us up to Mesa yesterday.  This is the 202 freeway crossing the Superstition Freeway (US 60) near Mesa

The west end of the 202 crossing.  I always enjoy seeing this dramatic section.

Still heading west, we took Exit 180

Main Street, Mesa, AZ in a quiet section

I enjoyed the shadows created by the picket fence at a historic house in Mesa

We had one steep little section on today's ride

Some of our great scenery where we ride

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