Friday, January 1, 2016


We are having a gorgeous New Year's Day.  We've had quite a spell of cool, frosty and cloudy weather so today is very appreciated.   I didn't ride with the ATV club this week but took Colorado friends out Tuesday and part of our couples group on Thursday.   On the Thursday ride, I invited 86 year old Blue from the club to join us as the regular group was going to where Blue can't ride.  Two others also joined us for a gentler ride.
We are joining our Colorado friends this afternoon for prime rib.  Aileen is contributing a fancy green bean dish.  There are to be ten of us for the mid-afternoon meal. 

Ever wonder how the Curved Bill Thrasher got its name? 

Old incinerator or something left over next door to our park from when it was a prisoner of war camp

Vern visiting from Colorado.  I took him and four of his friends out ATVing.  This is inside an abandoned mine shaft.

Rock Squirrel in Box Canyon Wash

Rest break in 7 Mile Wash

Mesquite flames up pretty well

This is how one of our ATV ladies does her brat

Phainopepla.  Very common in our riding area, their main food source here is Mistletoe berries.  They breed here in March-April then move on to wetter climes for a second breeding.

Our friend Richard J took this photo of Aileen and me last night at the Caliente New Year's dance

Dona K took this one of us at the table later on during the dance

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